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Newbie Week 2 update and thought/feelings thus far...-

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  • Newbie Week 2 update and thought/feelings thus far...-

    Hey all,
    Newbie here again! Just a few lines this week to let you all know how week 2 is progressing and thoughts/feelings so far on the journey. So, as week 2 draws to a close and my body is adjusting to its new demands, here are a few thoughts on my progress thus far.
    Okay, first up...although I am running quite a low dose (some will think) of Test E, I can happily report I really do feel stronger, and heading nearly into the third week I think it is started to kick-in! I have noticed strength increases..I am evaluating my gains in strength through both weight increase on workouts and also through actual data ( I am Currently in 2nd yr of science degree) and so I like to try where I can to prove or at least obtain results that are unbiased! I have not changed my diet, still sticking to a very tight diet and watching macros.
    My overall mood has improved a lot, maybe down to some placebo effect from feeling better, or actual mood enhancement from test. I say this with caution as I know the dose is maybe low, and I do not want to provide any bullshit here, and say or make wild claims. Overall I feel good, can feel some strength increase and a little weight loss, hopefully fat as this has been cut from diet completely.
    My overall approach to starting this cycle started about 3 months prior to taking 1st injection, I wanted both training and diet in place and used for at least three months before anything else was added. My height is around 6,2 weight 14 and half stone, age is 37. I have always been fairly fit and a keen cyclist.
    Anyways friends, I am keeping it short this week, as I only want to provide relevant info to you all and not leap into procrastination land lol, take care and I,ll post again next week, hope you doing good and take care, lee
    P.S I would like to ask as well please about possible ideas about 2nd cycle suggestions and "how long should I have off between cycles?"

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    Hello again Simplex enthusiasts,just got my second bike. I'll post some pics in a few days and look at the serial #'s for the registry, Ace


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