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  • Dentures

    What advantages do removable dentures on implants have over conventional removable dentures, especially for the lower jaw, where the latter are less stable, and how to properly care for such dentures, taking into account the need for daily removal, cleaning and storage in water?

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    Implant-supported dentures provide significantly better stability than conventional dentures. This is especially important in the lower jaw, where traditional dentures are often less stable due to the smaller support area and tongue mobility. Implants create a secure attachment, preventing displacement and improving chewing function. Implants stimulate the jaw bone, which helps prevent jaw atrophy, which often occurs when teeth are missing and traditional dentures are used. Thus, removable dentures on implants help maintain the natural volume and shape of the jawbone.


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      Implant-supported dentures allow you to chew food more efficiently, which promotes better digestion and overall health. The clarity of speech also improves, since the dentures are securely fixed and do not move during conversation.


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        Implant-supported dentures should be removed every night. This allows your gums to rest and prevents infections. Dentures should be cleaned with a soft brush and non-abrasive toothpaste or a special denture cleaner. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning the areas around the attachments and the implants themselves.