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Norway father injected steroids into 10-year-old

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  • Norway father injected steroids into 10-year-old

    Norway father injected steroids into 10-year-old
    Published: 29 Sep 2015

    A man in Norway has been charged with injecting his 10-year-old son with anabolic steroids over a period of four years.

    The 42-year-old, from Randaberg municipality, north of Stavanger, also gave his son intramuscular injections of other unnamed substances, and steroids in tablet form, starting in 2008 and continuing until 2012.

    “This is a sad case for all parties,” the man’s defence lawyer Sigurd Rønningen told the local Rogaland Avis newspaper, adding that her client denied guilt.

    According to the indictment the man gave his son so-called “bursts” of steroid over several days and on some occasions over several week.

    The case will be heard at a court in Stavanger for five days, starting on October 19.

    In the indictment, the man is also accused of breaking into the house of one of his neighbours and stealing prescription medications from them, and also of buying alcohol for his 14-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter.

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    What a piece of shit this asshole is.Jail isnt enough,he should be stoned to death!!

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    This is a terrible act, No one behave like this . I think that man is not act like a good father. That fellow should be hand over into police custody.