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Which whey protein supplement should I buy for bodybuilding?

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  • Which whey protein supplement should I buy for bodybuilding?

    Is there anything good?

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    Better to take any natural protein supplements to your body, Taking cooked chicken reguarly will supports to providing enough amount of protein in your food. If you want to take any aritifical protein supplements for your body building seek trainer advices.


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      Depends on purpose e.g. meal replacement, you are going to want a blend of slow and fast absorbing proteins. Same goes with a pre workout. Something that your body can use for fuel during your workout. I like to use food for a pre workout. Obviously timing and portion is everything with solids. Post workout I like fast absorbing proteins and BCAAs. This two is time sensitive. My rule of thumb is 5-10 minutes after workout MAX. Any longer your body will start to go into a catabolic state. My go to brand is Proteinfactory. They are a little slow on delivery but I like there products. Seem clean to me. I was once told that a true and clean protein will foam when you mix and shake with your desired liquid. Right or wrong I've stuck with that and Proteinfactory powders always foam up.
      Hope this helps