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How can I loose my belly fat?

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  • How can I loose my belly fat?

    Its story about losing belly fat plus weight

    My close friend used to travel due to his job and not able to control his diet and working schedule.

    During his leave, his routine is to wake up in Morning get fresh up eat sleep again eat n sleep.

    As already he was not healthy schedule plus this vacation ruined his health. After completion of vacation when he rejoined his work he is not feeling fit, active, enthusiastic with a lot of fat around his stomach. He checked is weight its 75 kg and his height is 168 cm.

    He got frustrated. His girlfriend also started teasing him. Finally, I decided to lose weight and belly fat. ProvenPeptides

    So he has followed this routine:

    After waking up a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey.
    60 Push-ups and 60 sit-ups.
    Then after reaching office use to have breakfast whatever he is getting in his office except for oily and junk food.
    after returning from office lunch at 1415 hrs. No oily and junk food.
    In the evening 1700 hrs jogging 3 Kms. Then stretching for some time.
    After jog and bath used to have just milk with plain cornflakes without adding sugar or any flavor around 1900 hrs. No meal or snacks after that.
    Sleep at 2100 hrs.
    This schedule he has followed for 2 Months continues without fail, seriously with devotion.
    Finally he able to cut 8 Kgs in 2 months. Belly fat almost is gone. He is feeling more active and confident than before. Thanks!

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    In theory, as long as you have a negative calorie balance you will lose weight. If you add on top some workout, you will even get your results faster.

    Unfortunately the reality it?s not as easy to save on calories during a normal day. If you having lunch in restaurants you have only limited possibilities to influence your menu.

    The same is true if you have kids. Then you will spend the time whit your family and cleaning up and barely find time to workout.

    If you have the self-discipline to eat clan and work out you can get good results in two weeks. ProvenPeptides. If you more the person, who wants to lose weight but still struggle on how to achieve it, you can also join a dedicated program.


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      Other Consideration to Make

      Take good amount of sleep as sleep is very important for having an active and healthy body. Take 6?8 hours of sleep every day.
      Avoid Over the counter products. Don?t look for shortcuts and unhealthy ways of losing ways. You can also succeed if you follow the right path, you might find temporary results by going through shortcuts but for consistent results remain healthy and natural.
      Give further boost by trying yoga or meditation. ProvenPeptides. Although exercise and diet will provide you with good results, it?s always a good thing to do a bit extra if you can. Yoga and meditation practices will make sure you stay focused and calmed all the time, so you can follow the path which you have selected for yourself.


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        Diet diet diet diet diet diet. You should, of course, go to the gym and run for your overall health, but it is absolutely not necessary to lose weight. The easy way to lose weight: Intermittent Fasting. Pick an 8 hour period (e.g. 12pm - 8pm) and only eat within that timeframe. Anything outside of those hours you are only allowed to drink 0-calorie drinks such as water, coffee (without milk/sugar), tea, etc. You can eat any cheat meal you like, as long as it fits within those 8 hours. If you follow that for 2 weeks straight I guarantee you will drop a few pounds.


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          Well, having kids isn't necessarily an issue, these little beings can be a source of permanent workout!
          Still, the most important thing is to burn more calories than you eat. You could eat ten cheeseburgers a day and lose weight if you spent the rest of that day working out... but that's not optimal.

          I wouldn't recommend intermittent fasting, and would rather go towards a balanced diet approach. Less processed foods, more whole stuff (unless you do the processed food, like bread, yourself, or are 200% sure it isn't pumped full of fats and sugars). You'll eat the same quantities, feel the same satiation, but the calorie intake will be lower. Burn these calories, and you'll be good to go.

          And, of course, if that's belly fat you want to drop, concentrate your working out around that area, with sit-ups, planks etc.


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            Here's how
            1. Try curbing carbs instead of fats.
            2. Think eating plan, not diet.
            3. Keep moving (walking)
            4. Lift weights.
            5. Move away from processed foods

            Shakti Peethas