Frustrated with weight loss.

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Alright guys, I need some advice. My gfriend has been working out with me for years. She wears a Fitbit and logs 20k steps per day on average. We eat healthy, no fast food or junk, hit the gym 4-5 days per week. She can't drop any weight. We've been to doctors, nutritionists,and an endocrinologist. Her blood levels are all good except cortisol was high. We've tried all kinds of sups, medication, and I've even given her winni, var, and deca. Even tried a small dose of test p. The only thing that has happened is the test made her clit grow, her pussy was wet 24-7 and she couldn't get enough dik. She's about 20 lbs heavy. Looks good because she's tall but doesn't feel good in a bikini. Let me know if you know of something new that I haven't tried. Maybe some hgh? Any thoughts.

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  1. aweusx's Avatar
    Carbs.. really zero weight loss with 4 years work out clean eating. What tests exactly have you tried? Maybe lots diet soda? Artificial sweeteners?? I think 20 pounds weight lose from diet alone should work.
  2. Barricudaa's Avatar
    Yes. She is the same as before. We've tried everything. It all has worked for me and I've gained lots of lean muscle and am fit and vascular. She just has to have a physical issue that is preventing the weight loss. I'm so frustrated and ready to give up. She only drinks unsweetened tea. No sodas at all. Carbs come from rice and potatoes. Mostly sweet potatoes. I'm at a loss unless she's scarfing down double cheese burgers at lunch when I'm not around.
  3. swollfactory's Avatar
    cut out more carbs maybe some clen