Illuminari 2021 Week 2

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A huge hematoma on my right calf took me out of the gym all week. You can see the bruising beginning in one of my pics. Pure pain. The doctor said to keep it moving nonetheless. I was actually offered a motorized scooter at Walmart.

I spent most of my time in bed with my leg raised. Sit ups at the best.

With lack of excercise came lack of interest in nutrition. I enjoyed a Big Mac, fajitas, ribs, burgers, all in one week. But those of us who have been in the game long enough know the body loves a week off here and there and loves to suck up some good food.

I am natty, always have been natty and always will be natty, but if I were to use PED's I would most definitely have used XT Labs Dianaplex 50 1ml, Intex Sus 250 .5ml, Intex Tren A 200 .5ml, every third day. Even on rest weeks the hormones need to be kept stable. If I were using PED's, I would be so excited to add some Tri Tren real soon.

My goal is to keep growing and shred at the same time. Watch those crazy biceps peak as the fat melts around them and watch my rear double biceps turn into a whole back portrait.

Enjoy the progress, hopefully learn something from it. Dont worry about the whole voting thing though. Its a joke. Im now just dong this for my own pleasure. The contest is fun, but seeing the jokesters upvote and downvote just for fun is saddening. This could have been something really amazing. But looking great doesnt bring people to the website or its sponsors, bringing friends and family to join the site to vote you up and others down is what the contest is all about.

Id love to see the best man or woman win, but best at what is the question.

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