Illuminari 2021 WEEK 1

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Week one - the naps contest page allows maybe a paragraph to describe, workout, diet, goals, etc. we know that?s just not enough, so for my part, watch this space weekly. Thank you.

Before we start, on Monday, I must say that I took Saturday to quit drinking alcohol, cold turkey. Bad mistake.

Monday - 11 am protein shake 32g and a Greek yogurt 15g of protein. Boom 50g right out the gate. 1 pm half a pound of cocktail shrimp with lemon and cocktail sauce. Mid afternoon was broiled salmon 6oz with broccoli. A few handfuls of French fries. 7 pm had another protein shake 32g. Before bed, had some chocolate mini eggs, maybe a half bag, with a Gatorade, the alcohol cravings were bad so downed 2 pedialite. Had water throughout the day every day.

Tuesday - 11 am sirloin 8 oz with broccoli. I couldn?t finish the steak, it was too dry. An hour later had my protein and Greek yogurt 50g. Mid afternoon had some chicken tenders around 8 oz, deep fried with some fries. Yup, delicious fries. Evening time had my protein shake 32g and some wine gums, delicious British gummy candies, and more Gatorade and pedialite.

Wednesday - The alcohol leaving my system was leaving my joints so very sore. Even more so when I knelt down to open a safe and felt my right calf tear. Didn?t think much of it. Noon protein 32g and two oranges. When I?m finding it hard to eat oranges always pick me up. Mid day had a baked potato with cottage cheese and butter, a few fries, I douse my fries in malt vinegar, it?s so delicious. Afternoon blended a pineapple with yogurt and protein, yum, drank it all. Felt full all evening. Had a protein before bed 32g with some baked lays.

Thursday - Feeling awful. Motivated myself with a plain burger with ketchup in a bun. Two oranges. 2 pm a protein yogurt mix 50g. Afternoon, had filet mignon 6oz, salmon 6 oz and broccoli. Oh and a deep fried delicious calamari. Pm protein drink and a melatonin because aching too much and sleeping too little?..with the alcohol not putting me to sleep, the aching, and the reaction to melatonin, I was in a half awake half sleep loopy state where I swear I was rearranging sushi?s on a plate for about seven hours straight.

Friday - Tired, but motivated to eat again. Am salmon and broccoli, pm sirloin and rice, 2 shakes throughout the the day 50g each, multiple oranges. Lotsa water, started adding green tea, 20 oz every few hours. The thought of melatonin and lack of sleep drove me to the liquor store. 3 beers 3 shots. Slept well.

Saturday - Early protein 40g. Salmon sirloin and broccoli mid day. A few fries, oranges. Had some grilled chicken with pasta mid afternoon. Then the birthday crew arrived. Birthday cake, cupcakes, Village Inn chocolate cream pie. Had a half a cup cake to show my appreciation and put the rest in the fridge?for later..when I couldn?t be judged?.got home, had cake, had some more cake, my wife had baked also, had a huge slice of cream pie, it was as expected, heavenly. Too many beers, too many shots.

Sunday - Liquor did not help with sleep. My calf kept me awake all night. Morning my calf was the size of a grapefruit and blood was pooling in my ankle. Spent 6 hours in the emergency room. I had a small benign ? bakers cyst? behind my knee, we all have them. But when I knelt down to open the safe I ruptured it. The doctor called it a massive hematoma, basically a big old bruise, endure the pain and wait it out.
Got a huge turkey sandwich from Smiths on the way home, downed the whole thing, delicious.
An hour later, a beer and a Percocet took me away into Monday. That is where next weeks log will begin.

Yes I felt like I went to hell and back this week, but it?s nothing, just a speed bump on my way to an easy 30k.

Eating will get cleaner. Liquor will go away. And I?ll be bouncing around the gym in a month from now laughing at how I winced at the pain. Even when dieting, with creativity, tasty treats are everywhere, as you will see over the next 20 weeks.


Monday - Arms, Wednesday - Legs, Friday - Shoulders, Saturday - Chest

Four body part rotation. Workout AM before food or wok.

The rotation I just listed was this past week. So I will describe Mondays workout, arms. Then next week I will describe the next body part rotation which is legs, week 3 shoulders etc.

Triceps push downs with overhead pulley with EZ bar. Simple. Or is it? The elbows never move except at the elbow joint. The forearms go down and up. There is no leaning my body weight into the bar. Super strict with every last rep. Never, NEVER, go full lockout. Going full lockout on any excercise is like taking a short break, and balancing the weight on your joints. Watching anybody go full lockout on a squat machine is like watching a Saw movie, it?s gonna break and tear and bleed, but when?..

First set is always, no matter the excercise, a warm up. 30 reps until you feel the warmth of the blood flowing through the muscle you are targeting and your tendons agreeing to the motion. Then we can use some resistance. I do not read the weight. My body tells me to add a few more plates or to do another set. I go mid heavy, heavy, to a 3-4 rep failure. If I can pull off 6-8 reps on my heaviest set, then I need another set.

Triceps dips. It hurts. It?s difficult. I hate dips. I know, we all do in a way, but that why we the few freaking love them, Yup, because they work. Lean back, put all the weight on your allows, while flexed of course and move nothing but your elbow joints, there will be natural motion in the shoulders but focus, let the triceps do the job, all the way down. 3 sets until failure at nothing but body weight should take any man or woman to triceps heaven. But the chain belt has to come out sometime, but same thing, 3rd set to failure.

That?s 2 tri excercises and we are burnt, couldn?t get the triceps more bursting if we wanted. The tris are swole and look amazing as we work the bis.

Upright pulley rope curls.
What would you do if you had a muscle under the bicep, that if you built nicely, would push the bicep out from underneath when you flexed it, therefore making the bicep look twice as big???
It?s got a big name, I will not use big names in my posts, it?s the muscle under the bicep attached to the forearms.
So I grab that rope hands parallel to the floor and squeeze the bicep and forearm so much that the weight actually raises right in front of me. Imagine that, tensing the muscle to resist the weight and the muscle itself raises the weight. Not the back. Not the shoulders, not me bouncing my knees up and down, but just the muscle we are focusing on. I believe in technique. I breath, naturally with every rep, my mind is on nothing but the muscle. It burns, it tells me it likes what I?m doing, it gets really warm on my heaviest set and tells me it?s working. I gently put down the weight, wipe off the rope, and head to the preacher curl machine. No grunting, no groaning, no lack of breath, I feel energized, accomplished, I feel great. That?s the feeling of doing it right, getting it right, knowing it?s working, and what you never dreamt you could a few months ago is now quite easy. 4 sets to failure.

Preacher curls. Warmup. It?s a different motion than the previous excercise. So warm it up, get the blood where it needs to be and adjust your tendons to the motion and angle of the machine. Sit with arms comfortably in front of you, no hanging forward, body weight has no place in bicep curls. Do not hump the machine. Do not move forward and back with the weight. Isolate those bulging biceps in one spot and squeeze. Go heavy until failure, no cheating. You may think it helps to rock back and forth a little but stand up and look in the mirror, the mirror says ?NO?.
Using clean technique, even a beginner with low weight should see their bicep peak and a vein or two pop. That?s pure motivation and the proof you?re doing it right.

Seated Isolation Curls.
Grab a dumbell, a light one, sit on a bench, upright, spread your legs and dangle your dumbbell arm between your legs. Leaning forward slightly dig your elbow into your thigh, closer to the knee. Move nothing but the elbow joint and forearm to raise the weight across your midsection, your other hand placed on your other knee to hold yourself tight and refrain from any body movement other than the bicep, elbow and forearm. The pump comes easy and too soon with this one. I use lighter weights and push through the absolute burn that comes with a fast swell. Warmup, 3 sets to failure.

Place the weight back on the rack. Wipe off the bench. Admire your work in the mirror real quick. Go do abs. Never workout more than an hour. Abs are worked out every visit and never the same ab workout twice in a row.


I am natty. I have always been natty, I will always be natty.
However - if I were to use steroids, I would most definitely be using ;
XT Labs Dianaplex 50 1 ml every third day, Intex Sus 250 .5 ml every third day, Intex Tren A 200 .5 ml every third day.
All in one pin and spaced out for pin wastage and injection site protection.
Protein is whichever is on sale. Multivitamin gummies. No preworkout, I need a sponsor.


I?m confused about the naps voting system. It is week one with nothing to compare, why are guys posting day one with over 200 votes? Is it a popularity contest for those with the most friends or added accounts, or a true transformation contest? Do negative votes count as positive?

Regardless. I want everyone who has taken the time to read my weekly log to go to naps and vote. Vote for the person who is progressing and getting shredded and changing into an amazing physique. Sure, I believe thats gonna be me, I want it to be me. But let?s vote for the best and make the eventual winner, the honest true winner.

More legs, a little more size overall and deep cuts, all in the weeks ahead.

Illuminari 2021

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