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Understanding the different esters?

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All these different types of esters; propionate, decanoate, cypionate, enanthate, phenylpropionate, and whatever others are out there. I understand that some are faster releasers and some are slower but what is the break down? Cypionate and enanthat are both slower releasers, what would be the benifet of one over the other? I think you see where I'm going with this one. Is there anyone who can break it down to an understandable level? I thought I would mention that I have read other post and product discriptions from the board along with other researching areas. It all seems to point to just the time release of the product and customer pref. Take test suspension I read that since it is test fast release that it is a pre-workout only and I have read that it is an everyday test. If there is any other imput on this I would appreciate it.

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