41 still going hard

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i am just finishing a wicked cycle now , sust 1750ml a wk<1cc everyday 250ml>deca 300 ml every 3 days, and dianibol 5mg pills 10 in morning and 10 at night! i am 242lbs and strong as ever but my joints kinda hurt in the mornings- but i can live wiyh that lol, so i just picked up 3 bttls of anadrol and propinate some cypinate any ideas guys i have a thought or two but i am interested in some input lol .

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  1. majestic's Avatar
    u aint gonna live 2 long dude
  2. majestic's Avatar
    then u got "superman" liver, i other ppl should be jealous
  3. heavilyjuiced's Avatar
    ok bud how long are you using this ? way to mutch
  4. S.B.C's Avatar
    if your liver values were not at all effected then perhaps u were shitting the tabs out undigested, what brand was it ?
  5. pump1962's Avatar

    ok bro as we can see you go on the high end of gear, I myself at 48yrs,and I am in the best shap of my life, and after doing gear for about 20yrs on and off .The last layoff was about 3 yrs,so when I got back on about 3 months ago My body responded well I tend to dose on the low end I do not belive that more is always better,the shit is strong as long as your getting real gear,I have been useing QV lately at least I know that it is real, its good to give your body a break some times,then you will respond better and not need as much.
  6. Ritchie's Avatar
    I could use about 10% of what your taking and be happy!! Please donate and I will donate lol!!!