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  1. Hello I have done 5 cycles now. I lift and train mma regularly. My biceps are 21 1/2 inches in circumference. My first cycle was Sustanon 250 500mgs per week, 2nd cycle was sustanon 250 500mgs per week with anadrol kickstart. 3rd cycle was test e at 750mgs per week with a dbol and test prop kick start. 4th cycle was test cypionate at 750mgs per week with t3 and anavar. The cycle I just finished was 500mgs of test cypionate and 400mgs of tren enanthate per week. all with proper safety and pct protocols. i would very much be interested in testing the gp test e and deca combo. I have yet to use deca and have been reading up on it. Let me know if I qualify or if I have missed out. Thank you for your time sir.
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