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  1. sam im wondering if im taking to much arimidex... i take 1mg EOD, mainly cus i cant cut them they just fall apart - is that too much?
  2. hey same just wondering your opinion on adding sermorelin to my current cycle of test E amd Deca
    Test E 250 - 750mg per week mon/thurs
    Deca 250 - 500mg per week mon/thurs

    also how much i should run if i should
  3. looks like your overall hormone levels were higher in the last cycle. if you are used to using closer to 750mg test, you might want to take it to that level in this cycle. outside of that, all looks good
  4. hey sam just wanted to pick your brain on my cycle and stuff, just need to help under stand some stuff

    i just did a 20 week cycle started april 1st
    april 1st - anadrol 50 - 50mg per day (1st 4weeks)
    april 1st - Test E 250 (500-750per week - started with 500 raised it mid cycle - whole 20 weeks) shot every mon and tues
    april 1st - EQ 200 (600-800per week - did same as the test - 18weeks) shot every mon and tues

    didnt gain any size...... really, got fuller and some deffinition and lost body fat and 16lbs (i was on a low cal high protien deit - 1500-1800cals per day)

    SO NOW...... im on

    started on august 6th:
    Dbol 40mgs per day till i run out of 100
    Test cyp 250 (500 a week - shot every mon/thursday)
    Deca 250 (500 aweek - shot every mon/thursday)

    AND im thinking of adding sermorlin?????
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