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  1. Hey Bro, all good except just getting over a 3 day sick - kicked my ass. I don't usually get sick? Back to Gym tomorrow.
    Hows things on ur end?
  2. Hey just dropping by! How have you been?
  3. actually Yeah, I have watched a ton of Clint Darden's and a few of Layne's. I like how they don't propose to be 100% right all the time and r just presenting their opinion with the facts available.
    Plus I work from home-computer + have spare time to search, google, watch + learn.
  4. Hey! I meant to ask you something. I've seen you share some pretty cool and informative youtube videos/channels and was wondering if you knew of any other? Like biolayne or clitndaren?
  5. i answered you bro
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