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  1. good. i think 16 wks is ideal. let me know if you want my opinion or experience along the way.

    couple of thoughts. shoot progress pics every wk, using the same lighting every time. its a lot easier to see how you're coming along that way. after you lose some initial water, the scale may not move much from wk to wk but the pics will tell you whats happening. practice your posing often. i put in 30 min a day sevreral times a wk and increase as you get closer to ED. someone with a decent physique who can pose well can often beat a guy with a better physique who isnt as good as presenting his muscle. learn to hold poses HARD for long periods. when the show comes, you'll be thankful you did when you're in long comparison rounds, holding tight while the guys next to you are shaking
  2. Good, I have given myself reasonable goals. I have 4 months to get ready -physically + mentally. I will use that time to clean up my diet more + lean out in those 4 months. This will make it easier to transition into pre-contest diet. That gives me 16 wks for pre-contest - shooting for a may 5th show. (Masters over 40)

    Thanks for your Help, I'm sure I'll be picking ur brain again.
  3. hows the start of your contest plan coming together?
  4. Thank you Sam.
  5. hey bro, i just wanted to say thanks for being a part of JM. your contribution is much appreciated
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