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  1. Medical Language (3rd Edition) Author(s): Susan M. Turley MA BSN RN ART CMT [PDF, ePU

    Medical Language (3rd Edition) Author(s): Susan M. Turley MA BSN RN ART CMT [PDF, ePUB] Free Download archived file.
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    Medical Language Paperback Peregrine Book Company Now in its Third Edition, Medical Language has touched the lives of more people than any other medical terminology book. This intensely visual, powerfully relevant ...
  2. "PGS" MrsBig 6-25-13 First Entry

    Day two of the diet, it is way more than I am use to eating but able to do it....

    Starting Body Stats:
    Weight - 147lbs
    BF - 28%
    Neck - 13 3/4 Shoulders - 40
    Chest - 35 Arms - 12 3/4
    Forearms - 10 Waist - 32
    Hips - 39 1/4 Thighs 22 1/2
    Calves - 13 3/4

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    7:30 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1/2 cup oats in water ...

    Updated 06-26-2013 at 12:04 AM by MrsBig

  3. What do i stack with dianabol for a start cycle?

    Quote Originally Posted by jblom1 View Post
    im coming off a cycle off hgh and groloid, im 19, height: 5'9", i weigh 155 and bench 345 decline wen i was on hgh, now i been natural for about 3 months and dropped to 285 5x. i want to gain as much weight as possible and increase my strength and mass. I was wondering what to stack with danabol 50 to get the most gains in weight and lifting for my first legitamate cycle, any suggestions appreciated.. thanks preferably the best partner to go with dbol 50 thanks
  4. "Steroids And Addication"

    Around 1992 I had just cleaned up my act from being addicated to pain med's (percocet) I had 3 knee surgeries in a I get off the pain meds and go to P/T until I am abel to play sports again,in the gym 5 times a week always working out and eating healthy. working out became a healthy addication,I was all natural for about 5yrs, Then a friend of mine who was juiceing heavy kept telling me to just do some d balls, I was nervious at first I did not know how they would affect me,I started ...
  5. Insulin information

    Quote Originally Posted by Gravy View Post
    Hey Guys i am new to the site and have a question IGF-1 Lr3 (0.1mg) froms many doses is this amount?
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