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  1. Help me out, please! Injection sites?

    I am a month in to a cycle. I inject every three days on alternating glutes. Now, I have to large welts on each glute.Trying to push a needle through is like pushing through thick rubber. Other injection sites sound painful. I'm not getting ready for a show. Should I take a break for two weeks? Any suggestions?

  2. My order was seized by U.S. Customs!! What's next?

    My order was seized by U.S. Customs. What happens to my future orders? Am I flagged now? Has anyone dealt with this before?
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  3. 14th order Naps, Review

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    I have been buying from naps for 3 years now and they are awesome
  4. Hello everyone!

    a little about me before: been working out for 6 years, currently im 103kg, 188cm(6.2') 12%bf.
    first of all i'd like to recommend the website that i bought my last cycle from, was very discreet packing wrapped by multiple layers and high quality products. shipped fast as listed and wonderful customer service.
    ordered testaviron and tri-tren. gained my way up to 105.8kg started at 99kg and ive been off for almost two month and now im 103.2kg.
    hoping i'll reach ...

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  5. help with oral steroids

    i need help with something people. i have ran test cyp 250 twice at 12 weeks with a clomid and armidex pct. the second time i ran the test i added anavar. my problem being is this.....both times my back broke out to the point i didnt want to go anywhere with my shirt off. that defeats the purpose of doing the roids i do believe. so....i am looking into doing an oral only cycle but i have no idea what to take nor how to take. i was thinking turinabol with proviron but as i said i have no idea. any ...
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