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  1. Dragon pharma cut mix 150

    Best cut mix to date and I've been in the game for over 10 years now. Best price and best quality hands down. Now naps i don't even have to say it but i will they are now and will always be the best place and only place to get your gear. They answer any questions you may have within minutes. 1st class service and 1st class grade. Thanks again naps.
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  2. Domestic order let down.

    I recently purchased from a domestic supplier Sasq---ch, 20 days ago July 24th, payment received the 26th. it's about 2 weeks days and no shipment has been sent. Contacted customer help and was advised to wait and they would check with the shipping manager for the issue. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Starting to second guess things.
  3. Help me out, please! Injection sites?

    I am a month in to a cycle. I inject every three days on alternating glutes. Now, I have to large welts on each glute.Trying to push a needle through is like pushing through thick rubber. Other injection sites sound painful. I'm not getting ready for a show. Should I take a break for two weeks? Any suggestions?

  4. My order was seized by U.S. Customs!! What's next?

    My order was seized by U.S. Customs. What happens to my future orders? Am I flagged now? Has anyone dealt with this before?
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  5. 14th order Naps, Review

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    I have been buying from naps for 3 years now and they are awesome
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