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  1. Gangustahn PGS

    Whats Up everyone!
    This is my first official day of the PGS diet. I actually started yesterday but the Hawks won the cup. So I had to cheat and have quite a few drinks. I am pretty sure my binge negated everything that I had done for the day. LOL. Anyhow, there are no more teams to root for. The sox and cubs suck, So I can dedicate all of my time to PGS. My starting weight 194 lbs and body fat by Electronic scale is 27.7%I will be doing a hydrostatic bf test at my university at the ...

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  2. "PGS" MrsBig 6-25-13 First Entry

    Day two of the diet, it is way more than I am use to eating but able to do it....

    Starting Body Stats:
    Weight - 147lbs
    BF - 28%
    Neck - 13 3/4 Shoulders - 40
    Chest - 35 Arms - 12 3/4
    Forearms - 10 Waist - 32
    Hips - 39 1/4 Thighs 22 1/2
    Calves - 13 3/4

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    7:30 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1/2 cup oats in water ...

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  3. Regrading jintani labs

    Has anyone ever used Jintani labs?
  4. tsek0s PGS

    hello guyz finaly we start the project and i am ready to do my best and post my progress and share everything ass well...

    so here we go lets start with some picks whe i selected into the project...
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    the stats there was:
    age 23

    i was 4 months out of boldenon/sust/dbol...

    now time about my ...
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  5. First timer looking for advice on whats the best cycle

    Hi I am looking for advice on what is the best cycle. I am looking to slim down and looking for definition with a little bit of muscle gain. Can some one help me with this
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