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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowpal
    CTORO80, I am glad to see that you have had a great experience with NAPS. I used to also. I placed an order back in Feb. which I still have not received. I placed an 1 month ago and received that order within 3 weeks. I've chatted with their Help Desk several times and all i get is "give it more time". Today, we are now going on 4 months since 1st order, I chatted once again. I got the same response. Upon asking "WHAT is enough time"? The person on chat, closed the chat down with their default message of "logging a ticket" if I still have issues. I'm completely frustrated with the lack of service and it seems like I spent alot of money that I will now lose. Not sure I will go back to them.

    Shadowpal, I'm sending you a PM about this right now so we can get this resolved for you. Please check PMs!
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    Thanks for your review, brother! Hearing from our members that our sponsors are pulling through for them is always a great thing to hear. Praying for Ukraine as well.