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  1. Letro from naps

    Let me start off by saying yet again how much in love with naps i am. I've been running with naps for just over 11 years and over these years i've tried a lot of there different gear. Recently i noticed that I was starting to develop some tits and while i was used to using nolvadex that wasn't helping so i started reading on naps blog page and found out about letrozole i ordered me a couple boxes which were delivered in a very timely manner and started off with 2 a day and tapered down to 1 every ...
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  2. Low Gains - Mistake on my Part?

    I've been on an Anadrol, Sustanon, Durabolin stack for 12 weeks but without any estrogen blockers. Unlike previous cycles (including one that was Winny, Sustanon, and Durabolin), my gains have been less, though I do have a fair amount of mass. My appetite has been less, and there is evidence of gyno. Is the main mistake that I've made here not to have taken a good estrogen blockers during my cycle? I also have not had a good PCT, and I know that's important after the fact to allow your body ...