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  1. Beginner

    Interested in a cycle for beginners. Just want to bulk up a bit. Dont want to use long term. Orals only
  2. I need some advice badly

    My friend gave me a bottle of his Geneza GP Test Prop 100 along with a few 2ml syringes with 23 ga x1 " pins...All this was to see how I would tolerate a few shots before proceding any farther...I'm 56 yers old and havent't worked out in years...I'm ready to move foward while being closely monitered by a friend....Here's the major problem I encountered with my 5 injections..And this is a biggie...All injections were done at least a week to two weeks apart...
    Injections 1 and 2 were ...
  3. 12/19 Workout Log

    Hey again everyone!

    So today I did arms/shoulders.
    I can't exactly remember what everything was called but here's what I did:

    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb bicep curls
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb tricep curls
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb alt bi curls
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb alt tri curls
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb around the world
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb reverse around the world
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb military press
    4 sets ...
  4. This week's workouts

    Alright so all week I skipped the gym due to very busy schedules, so I just opted for quick runs before heading to work. The runs lasted for 20-30 minutes and nothing more than 3k. Not really proud of how I did this week, but I'm glad I didn't stop. Little progress is still progress after all.
  5. Sus 250, Tren E 250, Equipoise 250, Dbol 10mg, HGH, Cycle

    Hi guys,

    I'm taking at the moment,

    Sus 250 2ml (once a week)
    Tren E 250 1ml (once a week)
    Equipoise 250 1ml (once a week)
    Dbol 10mg 50mg (taken throughout the day, 5 days a week)
    HGH 4iu (taken in the morning once a day)

    Ive used at lot of gear in my time, but I have never ran a cycle this juicey before, Just wanted to get some feedback if this is oK? Or maby someone can tell ...
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