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  1. Weight Loss Support Thread

    I will be posting progress updates, as well as my thoughts, and when I screw up and binge and so forth, and if others want to participate we can offer encouragement and support to each other etc.

    I find that having other people who are joining in the weight loss effort helps to keep me on track. Would also like to share my myfitnesspal log with others as further motivation to keep on track.

    I can also share information and my thoughts about weight loss in general and ...
  2. trying to get in better shape

    i'm 18 years old and i'm strong but i want to have a nicer body. can anyone give me a workout they know will work? i'm trying to get a bigger chest and bigger traps. i need some advice from an experienced person.
  3. Beginner

    Interested in a cycle for beginners. Just want to bulk up a bit. Dont want to use long term. Orals only
  4. I need some advice badly

    My friend gave me a bottle of his Geneza GP Test Prop 100 along with a few 2ml syringes with 23 ga x1 " pins...All this was to see how I would tolerate a few shots before proceding any farther...I'm 56 yers old and havent't worked out in years...I'm ready to move foward while being closely monitered by a friend....Here's the major problem I encountered with my 5 injections..And this is a biggie...All injections were done at least a week to two weeks apart...
    Injections 1 and 2 were ...
  5. 12/19 Workout Log

    Hey again everyone!

    So today I did arms/shoulders.
    I can't exactly remember what everything was called but here's what I did:

    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb bicep curls
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb tricep curls
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb alt bi curls
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb alt tri curls
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb around the world
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb reverse around the world
    4 sets by 15 reps 5lb military press
    4 sets ...
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