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  1. help with oral steroids

    i need help with something people. i have ran test cyp 250 twice at 12 weeks with a clomid and armidex pct. the second time i ran the test i added anavar. my problem being is this.....both times my back broke out to the point i didnt want to go anywhere with my shirt off. that defeats the purpose of doing the roids i do believe. so....i am looking into doing an oral only cycle but i have no idea what to take nor how to take. i was thinking turinabol with proviron but as i said i have no idea. any ...
  2. Anavar Daily Consumption

    hello all...I am a female starting my first cycle on anavar 10mg/day...what time of the day should I take this? I have read some people break the dosage up. Any help will be much appreciated.
  3. longest time you can stay on a low cylce

    hi ppl.

    ive been on a low test cyp cycle for 12 weeks, pinning 1ml twice a week. only starting to see and feel gains now, how long can i extend it before thinking of starting my pct?
  4. Help and guidance for first cycle plz!!

    Hi everyone. I am doing my first cycle, am doing a cutting cycle and looking at getting test, stan and anastrozole.
    Looking for some guidance as to if this is right cycle for me. And I need some advice as to doing a PCT.
    Also is there any help available into how to inject properly / what I am required to do to administer the steroids properly

    Any hello would be greatly appreciated
  5. using deca for back pain

    So I am using deca for back pain I have had two back surgeries and I am using deca to help with the inflammation and nerve pain it works really well. I am also using it to rehab myself back into shape. I just want to know if deca is safe for me to keep using or should I stop. Could the deca be hurting me more than helping me? I just worry that it might be masking my pain
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