1. Illuminari 2021 Week 2

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    A huge hematoma on my right calf took me out of the gym all week. You can see the bruising beginning in one of my pics. Pure pain. The doctor said to keep it moving nonetheless. I was actually offered a motorized scooter at Walmart.

    I spent most of my time in bed with my leg raised. Sit ups at the best.

    With lack of excercise came lack of interest in nutrition. I enjoyed a Big Mac, fajitas, ribs, burgers, all in one week. But those of us who have
  2. Illuminari 2021 WEEK 1

    Week one - the naps contest page allows maybe a paragraph to describe, workout, diet, goals, etc. we know that?s just not enough, so for my part, watch this space weekly. Thank you.

    Before we start, on Monday, I must say that I took Saturday to quit drinking alcohol, cold turkey. Bad mistake.

    Monday - 11 am protein shake 32g and a Greek yogurt 15g of protein. Boom 50g right out the gate. 1 pm half a pound of cocktail shrimp with lemon and cocktail sauce. Mid afternoon ...