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07-28-2012, 09:40 AM
OK guys/girls I would like a few opinions. I'm finishing my 5th cycle right now which was the same thing as my 4th cycle but I injected 1ml of each every 5 days and it seemed to work better with lesser sides and dropped a lot of body fat most notably around my legs and thighs.
Stats for those of you who will ask for them are:
Age: 26 1/2
Height: 5'10
Weight: 222.4lbs (doctors office scale)
BF % 16%
Years lifting and training: 12 years. Last 5 years seriously. MMA and Cardio
Biceps 19 3/4 inches pre pumped
Cycle history:
1. Sustanon 250 (different sponsor) 250mgs per week for 10 weeks pct clomid (no kick start)
2. Sustanon 270 2mls per week for 12 weeks pct clomid dbol kick start
3. Test E 250 2mls per week for 12 weeks pct clomid (oral tren kick start 500mcg per day)
4. Test C 250 and Tren E 200 QDL 2mls per week of each for 10 weeks (test c for 12) pct clomid
5. (current cycle) Test C 250 and Tren E 200 QDL 1ml of each every 5 days for 12 weeks each. pct clomid.

Clomid has been run due to Nolva making me sick and dizzy. Anyone else have this problem??? Pct is
clomid 100/100/50/20 along with adex for natural test booster which seems to work nicely
My favorite oral compound is GP ORAL TREN I love love love it. My first time using it I dropped 63lbs while training mma and P90x. It completely changed my body more than test or injectable tren ever have. Here is my next cycle thought and questions.

Weeks 1-12
Test E/EQ blend 2ml per week (400mg per week of each)
Sust270 1ml every 5 days
Weeks 1-3 750mcg of Oral Tren 3 weeks off check liver then run 3 more weeks if alls good.
PCT again will be Clomid same as above. Thinking of running Anavar as well I can get it cheaper from another source I trust. 50mgs per day for the first run with anavar??? Since I'm running Oral Tren I wanna keep the Var dose down but still have it be effective maybe take the OT to 500mcg per day and 50mg per day of Anavar? I have never run EQ before either I have been told different view points on how to run it but would like to see what the rest of you think. This will also be my first cycle running more than 500mgs per week of any form of Test.
Thanks everyone in advance!!!