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11-11-2010, 10:28 PM
Well guys I'm in the final week of this monster cycle and I used all products purchased from NAPS. I gotta tell you this was something else. Started out at 245lbs (243 exactly). Weighed in last night at 275lbs. Started off stacking Anadrol and Dbol together for the first 4 weeks and I have to admit that was overkill. One or the other next time, I'm holding a ton of water combining the two but man the power went thru the roof!!!:cool: Anyway dropped the Anadrol after week 4 and the Dbol after week 6. Stacked the GP Deca with the GP Cyp from start to finish and this was the first time I ever got to use real Deca (where I wasn't wondering if it was a fake) and I'm really impressed. Finished up with some Test Suspension here at the end just to see if I could get that little extra out of this cycle but I think I hit the max!! I'm looking at bridging for about 6 weeks because of the holidays I don't want to start something I can't finish. Starting January 1st I'm planning on trying to cut down to around 225. Wondering what you guys think of this for a cutting stack---Winstrol 50mg ED with Parabolan 100mg EOD with Test Prop 100mg ED. If things work out I hope to be able to include GH in that stack but we'll see. I hope the rest of you guys are getting the same kind of results using NAPS products because I'm going to be using them and them only!!!

11-11-2010, 10:40 PM
Great results limo that is awesome. Naps is the best and btw i still love your avi and cant help but stare for a while lol.

11-12-2010, 02:14 AM
great to hear bro! i'm waiting for the deca to kick in as we speak. you're right about that stuff. it's awesome. now that i'm getting older, my joints love it too.

for your new plan, how long are you planning to run the winny and is it oral or inject? i've never used parabolan, but i've been told that tren hex has the least amount of sides, compared to any of the tren esters. i could see how that is. not long enough to build up to the levels of tren e, but not so fast acting like tren a, which has my spun with anxiety in a matter of a wk.

i'll tell you what. never have i used a prop as smooth as gp prop. it's good stuff. i managed to do 1cc ED for about the final 6 wks of my last cycle. had it been irritating like other prop i've used, i would have never made it through that peroid, doing ED shots!!

...ya know, just another thought on that prop, have you ever used longer acting test while cutting? the only reason i switched to prop for my cut was because i was dialing in for a show and thats what my advisor suggested, but outside of that, i spent 10 wks on that cycle(and have in the past) using tesy cyp with a steady dose of AI to cut estrogen and control water. that way, i could use a higher dose per ml and not have to do ED or EOD pokes of test. just food for thought...

11-12-2010, 02:58 PM
I was planning a 10 or 12 week cycle. 10 weeks if the BF level is dropping enough or longer if I feel like I need to get leaner. The winny will be IM only. Might go to 100mg ED. I'm playing this by ear because I've never used winny in a pure cut cycle before so I'm not sure if I'll respond better at 100mg ED or if 50mg ED will be enough. Knowing me and the way my twisted mind works though I'm sure I'll end up at 100mg ED just because I think I need it. Like I said this is uncharted waters for me I've spent the last 12 years going from 170lbs to my current 275lbs and now I'm committed to seeing if I can mold this into something. I'll keep you posted any advice is greatly apprec