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10-27-2010, 05:36 AM
Well, I have read and read and believe that I am now more dangerous than I was before when it comes to thinking I know what I am doing!:p

I will have to ask for help and advice from the pro's here.

Here is my situation. I am not a body builder, I am a stocky guy who rides bicycles! I know right, makes no sense! I used to compete in full contact martial arts and actually did a cycle of Omnedron with EQ way back in the late 90's. I felt great and it did everything I wanted it to. I was working on strength and fitness but not necessarily bulking up too much and the results were perfect.

I have been road biking and mountain biking now for 2 years and hit somewhat of a plateau. I am not thinking of competing but would like to drop weight and increase performance regardless. I have read a lot on the forum already and its all great info!!

My plan is essentially to do a clenbuterol cycle or maybe even 2 and then go do an EQ cycle. I need to some guidance though. I read the information posted about how to extend clen to a 9 week cycle I think it was, not sure I am brave enough to try that yet. If I can go through a 3 week cycle and feel ok then I will wait and do another clen cycle the way it is explained here: http://juicedmuscle.com/showthread.php?646-does-clenbuterol-work

After I am done with that and hopefully dropped significant weight, my plan is to do a 12 week EQ cycle and then an HCG cycle following that.

What I am curious about is what I should do perhaps differently or to counteract side effects. I was planning in taking injectable B12 and obviously multivitamins etc but what about taking things to prevent gyno and hair loss for example? Should I be taking something for my liver?

I would like to plan this out properly and do it right! With your help I think I can do that, without it......I might just end up only getting half the result I was hoping for!

Thanks guys, I appreciate the input!:D

10-27-2010, 05:57 AM
Someone else might have to chime in here but I don't feel you need steroids at all for your goals.
Personally I think clen wouldn't be the best choice if your doing lots of marathon style biking as it will elevate your heart rate quite a bit (from what buddies who have taken it say).

As for EQ, people seem to either hate this drug or love it. Sounds like you've taken it before and liked it.
I don't know if you were planning on running it solo but that would be a bad idea. You'll want to stack it with some test, like cyp or enth.
HCG is for recovery, it's not a cycle on its own. You would either run it during cycle to prevent total shut down and make your post cycle recovery easier.. or you would take it with your post cycle to kick start your testies.

You will definitly want support supps, B12, Vit E, Liver Support, Multis, etc..

Off the top of my head these were my thoughts.. when I have a little more time I could probably provide some more details if someone else doesnt chime in.

10-27-2010, 06:31 AM
Thanks Gawd. Part of my reasoning for going with EQ was the increase in red blood cells too. Dont get me wrong, I would love to gain some muscle as well here but its not my primary objective. Obviously strong legs help with speed and climbing which are important too. I do light weights at gym right now but would most likely increase them to gain some additional strength all around. Perhaps my comment about not being a body builder were misleading somewhat. I am not one but if I were to do the cycling as mentioned I would also like to increase overall strength.

I am with you on the HCG as well, I will use it after the EQ is done, from what I read I should wait about 3 weeks before starting it but again, thats why I am asking you guys cause I am only going on what I have read! ;o)

I wasnt planning in stacking the EQ but am open to it. I didnt realize it was important or why? Curiously, when you say Clen will elevate my heart rate are you talking my resting heart rate or max heart rate? I can push low to mid 160's for extended periods and it would be great if I could get that higher without feeling like I was about to die! Hahaha. I know Clen is used in bicycling by some pro's so I am sure it serves more than jut the weight loss part which is awesome.

I appreciate all the advice btw, keep it coming!

10-27-2010, 02:05 PM
I'd have to agree with Gawd don't really think you need em to go where you're trying to go but having said that wouldn't Winstrol be the better choice if you decided to go that way?? Would not make you bulk and will increase your strength. It seems to be the drug of choice for sprinters.... Just a thought. Clen will raise your resting heart rate also. Another question is are these competitions tested??

10-27-2010, 05:48 PM
If I were to race I would stop using. I am not concerned with being tested etc. My honest feeling without trying to upset anyone is that if I was to do anything competitive I would do it naturally.

I am all ears here guys, if Winny would be better than EQ I am not against going that route. I am not sure if it has the same benefits to cardio though? I know EQ raises rbc count which is important obviously in an endurance sport like these. Do you guys not think that a cycle or 2 to gain overall body strength would be useful? My legs are big and pretty defined but the rest of my body could use a little boost for sure! hahahaha.

10-28-2010, 02:34 AM
Guy i don't think you are upsetting anyone, I think most of the people here would say props to you for at least trying to make an educated decision based on what you think is best for your situation. Everyone has his or her own goals on where they wanna go or what they wanna look like when its all said and done. Whatever you decide to do I hope it works out for the best and the only other advice I'll give is have your bloodwork done before you start and after you cycle is over just for piece of mind......best of luck