View Full Version : starting 4th and longest cycle

04-04-2012, 03:39 AM
1-6 dbol 30mgs ed
1-16 boldenone 500mgs split in 2 shots ( is this too low, should I bump to 600mg?
?12-18? Need something 2 cut at the end
1-18 sustanon 500mgs split in 2 shots
1-20 proviron 25mgs ed
Pct will consist of adex nolva clomid and hcg-(will also use mid cycle).
Any thoughts or anything ud do different?
The dbol will be balkan, and all the injectables will be QD. I've never ran QD but for that price its tempting. If possible ill change all the injectables to GP and keep dbol the same. I really jus prefer GP but since its naps ill try it out. I hope its dosed high that'd b nice. Where did QD come from? Is it jus naps new brand? I really need another oral 2 help kick up the cycle toward the end so I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for any help I receive in advance

04-05-2012, 10:26 PM
maybe some anavar for the last 4-6 weeks?..that is if you have money to blow.

04-06-2012, 04:23 AM
Id like to try var or primo tabs but its expensive like u said. I don't wana take winny either so...

04-06-2012, 05:29 AM
Why not Tbol at the end? Might do it?

04-07-2012, 03:17 AM
Yeah I was just thinkin about that last nite. Good call bro