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10-18-2010, 09:21 PM
hows it going fellas. I am just about to start on my first cycle..im gonna be using Test-prop, with some tren, and some winny to add along into the mix..since this is my first cycle, i am only doing a span of maybe 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how my body reacts and feels..i have my PCT up to far..Im gonna be using HCG, and Clomid..

here are my stats

32 yrs old
5'4, 160 lbs, 12 to 14% bodyfat..mind you, i was a meastly 130 and have worked my way up to my current weight right now..

my goal is to at least add on 10 or maybe 15 pounds of lean muscle..dont really need to talk about diet because i already have it down pat..ive screwed around with a couple of pro-hormones with proper PCT and im now sure ready to step it up a notch..just waiting on my needles to arrive..

my biggest question is dosing..on a 1ML syringe with marks that go 0.01, 0.02, 0.03 and so on....how much do I need to inject or lets put it in a more basic terms..how much do I need to pull out of test prop vials, and tren per shot to last me the whole 6 to 8 weeks..? Ive tried searching for proper dosing for someone in my stature, but came up empty..can anyone help me out??:confused:

the Bull:cool:

10-18-2010, 09:54 PM
Test prop for a first cycle is not the first choice that a novice should opt for. You will have to pin yourself everyday. Generally, test prop comes in 100mg/ml. So if you target 500mg per week, and you want want to inject every other day, you will have to dose each injection at 1.6 ml (160mg). If you want to inject everyday then you will pin yourself with 0.71 ml(71mg). If I was you I would rather use 3cc syringes instead of 1cc. Based on that, you can determine how many vials you need. Do you research , man: it seems you need to read more before you start your first cycle....In this forum, you may find most of the answers you need, but do not forget at the end, you are the one that makes the decision.

10-18-2010, 10:18 PM
thanks for the heads up "STRATEGIC"....and yes, im still doing my research for everything....for Test prop, looks like im going to need more than 3 bottles then..would that be the same number for the tren also??....reason why im asking is yep, you guessed it..I DONT KNOW...I guess when i was trying to do the math, I looked at the 1CC needle and to me, it seemed like it was too much for somone of my stature..that is my whole other concern..looking at my stats. woudn't you think I would require a much smaller dose than lets say a 200lb or more dude??

10-19-2010, 12:43 AM
yea, this is no a good cycle for a first time user. you should do a test only cycle so you can see how you react. then in following cycles, you can add one compound per cycle. if you get a bad side effect, how are you going to know what is causing it while using 3 drugs that you have no idea of how they work in your body? also, i would never recommend tren for a new user. lots can go wrong wth that. what if you get major anxiety and can't eat enough? you wont grow well if you can't eat. that is one side effect of many that can cause issues. there is no need for winny in a bulking program either. it mainly hardens the muscle while you're on it. great for contests, when you're lean, but not gonna do much for mass building. it can cause dry painful joints though. not a great combo with heavy off season lifting. minimize the possible negative outcomes and play it safe. you would grow like a freaking weed on test only because its all so new to your body. the extra drugs aren't going to make you grow better ot something. you'll probably just risk more side effects. and remember, as time goes on though, you'll want to use more to get the same effects. where are you going to go when you start at 3 drugs at once? 4 drugs? 5? 7? see what i mean?

also, strategic is right. prop is not a great idea. it can be very painful. if you 've never used AAS before, any of it can be very painful. if you're using prop in completely virgin muscle, what if you find that you can't train well due to pain on certain days? that will effect how well you grow. plus ED or EOD injects gets old very quick.

test e or test cyp at 350mg to 500mg EW is a much better plan. 12 wks nolva on hand for gyno, have pct ready.IMO, it is a much better test for bulking than prop

we usually use 3cc barrels how many ml's you draw depends on how much you want to use and what the mg/ml is. look at my thread about safe injection technique for more info on the pins we use for bodybuilding.

10-19-2010, 02:12 AM
thanks Sam..I, will get test E first then, and just start off with that, and see how my body reacts to it..hopefully it does well, as I am on a strict diet, with lots of carbs and protein, and healthy fats..i usually will do a cheat day once a week, or twice every two weeks..

so just in case, I should just use Nolva for my PCT, instead of HCG and clomid??..I always thought, that you use HCG, and clomid for 4 weeks first, then Nolva the following weeks after...correct me if im wrong..?

10-19-2010, 10:07 AM
there are various ways to run pct. clomid is fine. i get side effects from it more than nolva, so i personally dont use it at a high dose, or for that long. it is known for making guys very emotional. i've found myself wanting to cry while watching tv, true story, lol. it also can effect vision, which i get while taking it. both sides subside after i stop, but neither are worth the bother to me.

as far as hcg, there are a number of ways to run it but if you take it during pct, it will keep you from recovering. best bet is to run it at a low dose through the cycle, or during the last 2 wks after your last injection, while you wait for the test ester to clear. warning though, the spikes in test from hcg can cause or aggravate gyno. i run a low dose of an AI or nolva while on it. i will usually run a low dose of an AI like adex while on cycle anyway, just to control estrogen and keep water retention under control. something like adex .5mg twice a wk is where i start and if i need more i'll move it up to as often as .5mg EOD.

also, for your cycle, it will take several wks for the test to kick in. it would be considered acceptable to run a low dose of an oral to kick start your cycle, while the long test ester kicks in. dbol around 25mg would be a solid choice. a

10-19-2010, 07:44 PM
awesome man..thanks..just learned something new today...you've been a lot of help SAM1976..

10-19-2010, 10:01 PM
glad i can help! good luck putting your cycle together and feel free to ask any more questions along the way