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09-16-2010, 03:11 PM
I am 49--on hrt as they say= I am running 350 cyp per week with arimidex .5 every 3 days--have been and I am 5'10 240 @ 10%--not new to the game but, bowed out for 25 years with a job ect... back for 1 yr now--ok my question is I wanted to add tren ace--75 EOD for 6 weeks--what do I need to add in ai's--I also have been taking hcg 500 units a week just to keep the boys happy--all on all I am doing fine--but have tighten my diet and want to strip off add fat--go to 6%------so any thoughts?

09-19-2010, 11:22 PM
well as far as adding an ai/ae and taking tren it wouldn't matter because it won't aromatize into estroget.if you're sensitive to it you might get progestenic sides which can resemble estro related gyno.whenever i run tren or deca i always keep extra caber/dostinex on hand.you could try bromo but for me the sides are way too harsh.next run i just might try pramipexole to see how it is.only real side from that i hear is extreme lethargy/sleepiness.
as far as taking the adex,are you regularly prone to estro sides easily?350mg/wk is kinda light for most.only time i even think about running an ai/ae is when i hit test at 1,000mg/wk or better.remember,too little estro is just as bad as too much estro.you need some balance to get the gains you're after.this is just my opinion tho.i know guys who do one shot of sust a week and swear they need adex,letro,aromasin,etc...cause they're so scared of a little nipple soreness.as long as you're not taking tren/deca you can try and run some nolvadex at 20-40mg/ed or until the sides go away.works like a charm everytime for this old man,lol...!