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08-22-2010, 09:01 AM
In the Netherlands a few guys started a new websiteforum. The claim to be angry because most forums are run by people that have a hidden agenda and they are completely right. Some forums are run by people belonging to an Underground laboratory, other fora recieve sponsor money, the sponsors then think they control those forums. Been there. I used to write for BodyPage.nl and we where independant, the same with Body of Science.

This new forum started with a free downloadable pdf that is supposed to contain independent analyses. One of the boardowners claims to be a student with access to a HPLC. Could be true, but he needs to be able to buy pharmaceutical reference standards to be able to calculate doses and make indentifications. I asked on there board to give me some additional information and eventual some graphics, but nothing until now :confused:

What is true is that they also indentify members from other boards as suppliers or members from UG Labs. I know for sure that some people are really really pissed off..to be continued :D

PDF download: http://www.anabolen-ontmaskerd.com/