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10-25-2011, 01:30 PM
Ok guys before i post this question and answer thread that I just read on another board I want to tell you that this is by far the craziest thind I have ever seen. I know of some guys that are in the 14 to 18iu range but those boys compete and are trying to win pro cards. I have never ever heard of 30 to 40iu's before and I was blown away by what I was reading. I am cutting and pasting the following and would like to hear from some of you who have experience with HGH and the amounts you use. Here goes:

Who does 8 iu's a day or more and why? Just looking for experienced Bro's to throw a little wisdom to this thread.

I have run 15ius a day before with insulin and igf des... Stayed full ALL day long. Held onto a bit more water and ultimately put on some quality size. I will be running 10-20ius of gh starting in a few weeks with probably one of my BIGGEST cycles to date.

Not sure what type of info you were looking for but I'd like to hear from other guys that run high amounts of hgh.
I will be running:
8ius hgh upon waking
8-12ius post workout

Was kinda wondering what happens getting over 8 iu's. I was doing 3 and 3 everyday for awhile. Eating decent, working hard, but not on a heavy cycle. Was wondering what was supposed to happen at higher doses.


First off... Mutation starts at 15ius per day.. If you ever wanna achieve the BB look u need to be on 15iu a day GH needs to be in ur blood consistently for 6 months... Min is 15iu per dayup to 30-40iu per day some of my pro friends do 35-40ius a day and thats why they look like that. ...GH is the most important hormone when Bodybuilding. 6-8 ius per day will make u lean and look good, one of best bodyas in ur gym.. 12-15ius per day will make u compete and win shows 215lbs range, 20-35ius a day will bring u on the national level of bodybuilding and if genetics are good pro level 230-250lbs range. the ranges are because depending on genetics and ur homone response...This is not opinon this is fact.. I am national level bodybuilder and learned everything from the top pros today and gurus... I worked with George Farah and started to work with chris aceto...GH is the best fat burner out there.. if ur on 20ius per day u can eat pizza ice cream and whatever every freaking day and u will only get more ripped! 4 weeks at 20 ius per day u will be low 5% full six pack thats a fact try it... it happens so fast....add some t3 and ur looking better then 99% people in ur gym

Answer from someone with a level head:
Bro, unless your livelihood and career depended upon it (And even then you would have to think about it) doing 40 IU of GH daily is F-N insane. GH can do damage ... and do it in ways that will make you hurt like you could not imagine. Do not listen to anybody on mega doses. It is NOT safe.

Reply from the poster who stated the amounts:
Sorry but i would have to disagree.....you sound like the media only talkin on speculation ... More like Insulin and Diretics do the damage, not gh or steriods in general.. First off nobody is saying YOU should being doing 40ius ,, you probley weight 180lbs soaking wet.. Next You base your knowledge on your extensive long highly paid bodybuilding career? COme on man you have a opinion but keep it at that your wrong What i say is FACTs based off my career ... The people doing these high doses are men who been training over 10yrs and using gear for min 5yrs at the least...perfect example a Mr.Olympia that i know, used well over 40ius for 10yrs straight and is in perfect health.. Like i said before Insulin and Diaretics are what kills bodybuilders and idiot kids... Not one person has ever DIED from hgh use or had any side effects from it that killed them..trust me why do you think everyone says bodybuilders are lyers about there dosages ? Cuz we ARE.. why tell your ass how i got 280lbs diced! Why? or you have some dumb 18yr kid go try insulin right away and kill himself... NO! I am speaking the truth. You wanna get huge like Pros do what i say and i can take a little guy like you and turn you into a giant in 8 months...Not trying to be a dick, but when you say stupid shit like that i gotta enlighten you on reality. And again its a insane amount to you cause your not a bodybuilder, in our world this is the normal trust me there are people who have taken more..More is definitly not better genetics and HORMONE response is most important. I dont even wanna start on insulin ... please dont make me go there....

Ok what's the science that backs this claim up and does anyone here on this board have the scientific background or the Real- World hands on experience to comment on these amounts??

10-25-2011, 02:33 PM
dont believe this. IMO, 30 iu is a waste of money and you're just asking for side effects. i wouldnt even waste my time thinking about it. i know a number of guys who are competing on the national level that are using 10IU and under. i know one guy pretty well who has been consistantly getting top 5 at nationals and he just started gh a couple yrs ago. he uses 6IU. people want to think its the drugs. to an extent, the drugs do play a role and i believe that insulin with gh has dramatically changed the look of bodybuilding(not necessarily for the better) but 40IU ED or 100IU ED of gh is not going to turn a genetically average person into phil heath. its mostly hard work and genetics. i know average gym rats that will never compete who are taking more shit than a pro 202 guy in my area

10-25-2011, 03:28 PM
The thing about this exchange that blew me away is the guy that is claiming these amounts has been a member on that board since 2005 and he has hundred's of posts under his belt and really seems to know his stuff. I have read many of his comments on gear and not always agreed with what he's had to say but I've never doubted his word on amounts that he's claimed to have used until I saw this. His pic's that he's submitted showing his various bodyparts are impressive to say the least and he's considered one of more respected members on that forum that's why I was so taken aback when I read this exchange. Those amounts are just hard to fathom but at the end of the day like I said before I'm really not all that surprised. When guys come out and say they have done 18iu's or 22iu's a day why isn't it plausible to consider that there's someone out there pushing the boundaries and shooting for more. I for one would never consider that amount and I want people to know that I'm not glorifying abuse of anything I just wanted to share this and get some feedback. Be smart people it's your health first everything else is just dressing!!!

10-25-2011, 03:33 PM
it has a bullshit factor to it anytime someone says some category like this "15ius for 215lbs or 20-35ius for 225-250lbs" i never like seeing stuff like that it reminds me of newbs i remember one guy thought that beginners use 500mg of test a week then more big guys use 2g a week and then the biggest guys use 5-10g a week and even further he thought the people that win the olympia like the best ever used 20g of test a week lol it would be interesting for safelife or one of those huge mafackas to comment on how much hgh they normally use from what i remember safelife would use like 10-12 ius

10-25-2011, 06:16 PM
Interesting to read. Run4it bro, you have some nice posts ;)

10-28-2011, 12:57 AM
That 1st post has to be quoting GH15

10-28-2011, 08:39 PM
god the amount your intestines would grow...