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06-21-2011, 12:52 AM
Sup bros and girls, decided I would run a log of my summer cut, I just started today .

Stats: 5'10 195 pounds , 18% b.f.

I was at about 175 pounds with 10 % bf , but I really let myself go out of control on a vacation to hawaii, eating all the good but unhealthy things , some famous places such as Matsumutos Shave Ice and Leonards Malsadas ( think thats how you spell it ) , I completely devoured a 1lb burger with a LOT of tater tots in about 5-7 mins ,from a famous place in Idaho w as well during my break point is I went nuts on unhealthy food since, I havent done that in YEARS, and dont ever plan on getting that out of control again.

I do have a few cycles under my belt , test ,test winny, test dbol, beastdrol, more test , have ran clen , T3 before and eca.

So for this cycle im going to be using
Test P 100mg ED weeks 1-10 ( if someone thinks 200 mg EOD would be better from personal experience or if its just the same go ahead and chime in , I wouldnt mind not having to inject everyday :P)

tren E 400 mg weeks 1-10 Every week , 200 mg injection Monday and Thursday.

GP Oral tren ( Methyltrienolone) weeks 1-4 (kick start for the real tren ) 500 mcg first day see how that works and I plan on getting up to 1 mg , iv recently heard of people getting up to 2 -3 mg but that seems to high but I will adjust accordingly. I have also read as MUCH info as I could on this , sad thing is I think I found 1 or 2 logs on it and they werent that good so I decided id make my own of it since so many people ask about it.

T3 weeks 1-8 , 25mcg first couple days then 50 mcg for a couple days , then cruise on 75 MAYBE 100 depending on how my strength is doing.

Clen weeks 1-3 2 weeks off , With Benadryl added on 2nd week at 60 mg nightly, start at 40 mcg and ill bump up to 160 mcg.

For PCT I have both nolva and Clomid ready

Multi Vitamin 2x daily.

Diet : Keto Style , starting out at 2535 calories, 161 g fat . 38g carbs - the 12g of fiber = 26g net carbs , 233g Protein ( im not sure if this is too much ? some people say to much Protein on keto actually is bad and could possibly take you out , thoughts please??)
Dont have much of a set time for my food schedule I try to eat when I get too hungry but I do make sure to have a post workout shake and a meal after my morning cardio . Food that Ill be eating for those of you wondering.. Eggs, Chicken breast, Salmon Burger , String cheese , Protein powder shake for post workout, almonds, turkey slice switched in with ham slice, olive oil, and provolone cheese, I plan on reducing my calories to 1800-2000 range at the lowest peak while still keeping my Protein at about 1g per lb of body weight.

Training : Monday ; Chest+ tris , Tuesday ; Back+ bis , Thursday Shoulders +abs . Friday Legs .

Cardio everyday , on a empty stomach for about 45 mins - 1hr depending on how im feeling , at a walking pace .

Day 1 is today and am feeling fine thus far.

06-21-2011, 12:53 AM
Hmm I got the test P in smooth but then when I did the tren I aspirated and no blood came out so I went ahead and injected that also but then near the end when I was done injecting the tren in , some blood came in through the needle right as I was about to pull the needle out, im a little freaked out right now , I seriously hope it didnt go through a vein !! just got back from workout took 500 mcg oral tren pre workout nothing noticeable though so far. im still concerned about that tren E injection but from what I read if I went throug ha vein or injected in a vein id have bad coughs , out of breath , and not feeling good at all , but so far all I feel is shaky from the clen so I think I should be okay . Will continue the tren dosage at 500 mcg preworkout tomorrow and bump up the t3 to 50mcg tomorrow

06-21-2011, 01:29 AM
Hell yeah bro Subbin to this

06-21-2011, 02:37 AM
Sounds like a good plan. Keep us posted. Never done tren, thinking about it for next summer.

06-21-2011, 10:36 AM
I would stick with either the Enth @ 400 mgs per week or the oral as you see fit, but not both if you have never taken it. Just my 2 cents, but obviously if you want to give it a try by all means go for it and keep us posted. Check out the threads posted on Tren, both the injectible and oral. I ran the oral tren for the first 2 weeks of my cycle, switched to winny for 8 weeks and switched back over to the Tren beginning of last week. Its my first time taking oral Tren and its strong stuff so be careful bro and good luck.

06-21-2011, 06:45 PM
Day 2
Bumped up my T3 Dosage to 50 mcg , debating weather to go to 75 mcg or just cruise at 50 till the tren kick in ...
Woke up did fasted walking cardio for about 45 mins
Also bumped up clen dosage im at 120 mcg
Also Im bumping my Gp Oral tren to 1mg hehe , took 500 mcg with breakfast and going to take 500 mcg before workout
Also reduced my calories by about 100 by taking out a slice of cheese.
Right thighs pretty sore from injection , about to inject some more prop 100 mg.

Disco im just using the oral tren while the tren E is kicking in which will take about 4-6 weeks from what iv read . But once im at week 4 im going to stop even if the tren E hasnt kicked in just to let liver heal and Ill take some milk thistle during this period .

06-21-2011, 07:13 PM
Hmm.. That's shitload of gear bro.. In my opinion..
I think you can do a good job with less gear but..
Good luck and keep us posted!

06-21-2011, 07:33 PM
Im all for running less gear to get same results but i dont think this is too much. I am interested in how your Oral tren kickstart works and have thought about this myself. I say its cool to do 200mg Prop eod but some may say different

06-21-2011, 07:36 PM
Normally you can tell when you hit a vein its a bit more sensitive i remember when i hit one in my Delt and blood was runnin down my arm for a couple min. Just watch out and keep an eye on it. keep us posted!

06-21-2011, 11:55 PM
Took an additional 500 mcg preworkout today so im at 1mg everyday and will cruise on this for about 5 more days , I never thought Id go this high and I thought if I did that it would be my MAX dosage but I have also read about 2 more people reccomending that I get up to 2mg because the results are really noticeable compared to 1mg and the highest they have done was 3 but it wasnt much of a difference so 2mg seems to be the sweet spot, but like I said ill see how I do with 1mg for now.
Didn't really notice to much of a difference but usually all those things that people claim help them out preworkout dont really work for me , im almost always 100% on focus when I start lifting , I got a normal pump as well , so far so good , just gotta keep patient and the results will start kicking in.

Big its really not that much gear its 3 AAS , the other 2 aren't really AAS, If your meaning to much gear and wanting me to only use test or something since I really dont need gear for my goal and starting weight well that could be very true , BUT I have the gear on hand and I would like to achieve my results faster not only that but Id also like the gear to help me preserve my muscle / gain some more lbm , and keep strength where its at or even better get stronger .

My personal best that iv been was 195 with 10.3% bodyfat and that was tested with calipers at the gym that was about a year and a half ago when I was really starting to get into it but since then their has been some obstacles , but im ready to go back at it, and my end goal is about 215 with 10% bodyfat now this cycle definitely wont get me their but It will help me get a baseline going and I most likely will use Tren , Test, beastdrol or dianabol cycle to get back up their in a clean fashioned way with of course a clean diet. But that cycle is a while away so right now im only focused on this cycle and diet.

06-22-2011, 05:33 AM
I agree with you Diesel.

I think with his 197 pounds and 18% Bf that he can do a good job with less gear (less potential problems..) and strict diet. No need for T3 really...

06-22-2011, 12:43 PM
Hmm.. That's shitload of gear bro.. In my opinion..
I think you can do a good job with less gear but..
Good luck and keep us posted!

If my memory is correct Sebaco you introduced yourself as a 16 year old a few months ago? MY BAD SEBACOS I HAD IT CONFUSED W/skadoodles?:confused:

So if this is True that is a "shitload of gear".

Good luck, drink alot I mean alot of water and get blood work done.

06-22-2011, 01:01 PM
I would watch your t3 dosage. There are reasons that you ramp up and down on that shit. You don't want to fuck your thyroid. Trust me, my mom has issues with hers and that shit is miserable.

06-22-2011, 05:38 PM
Big, I already agreed with you re read my post my post mate, Odb you have to be thinking of someone else of I made a huge typo plus I never really introduced myself just came in and started lovin this board! Yes I have been drinking lots of water odb been making myself drink as much as possible. Whos Iv read and studied about t3 for a while their has been a agreement by the vets that the ramping up for t3 isnt needed as compared to the ramping down, which I will make sure I do . Yeah my friends mom and my step mom are both on that Levo thyroid medication . Btw my t3 dosage is just fine , iv gone to 100 mcg before so staying at 50-75 MAYBE 100 is fine .

06-22-2011, 05:39 PM
Day 3 : Just got back from 45 mins of cardio felt really good so far im not having any lethargy during my cardio which is weird usually when I cut and esp on low carbs I have major lethargy , maybe it just hasnt kicked in yet . Today is a rest day will probably go swimming for a bit just to get out in the sun and burn some calories the fun way. Diet is still in check , im decreasing by an extra 100 calories by again removing a slice of cheese.

Clen I bumped up and am now at 160 mcg and will stay at this for the rest of the 3 weeks.
T3 at 50 mcg today still
Test P 100 MG everyday still
Oral tren still at 1mg split between 500 mcg morning and 500 mcg in the evening , sticking with this for about 5 more days and will bump it up to 1.5 mg if I feel its safe.
tren E shot tomorrow @ 200mg

06-23-2011, 04:54 PM
Day 4 : Just got done doing morning routine of cardio , eating , and injecting . The injection for tren was really smooth and no problems this time , then I injected the prop and the same thing happened as when I first injected the tren , where after im all done getting the juice in and am about to pull the needle out a tinyyyy bit of blood comes in at the bottom of the needle then when I pulled it out this time blood squirted out but I already had the alcohol pads ready to go for things like this , so I put it the spot and waited for a minute then it was all done, not sure if this means anything ??? Both quads are sore from injections but after a while they will get use to it.

One thing I would also like to note is that the Oral tren seems to kill my apetite! I have never ran across any other substance or fat burner that has killed my apetite like this ! I pretty much ate 70% of my calories all in one sitting for my dinner and passed out because I was so tired, not sure if that was a smart move or bad move , but on this stuff I just dont seem to have hunger pangs or seem to think about food 24/7 like I have in the past when dieting down. Not to many other things to note so far about this substance though.

Calories are at 2215 , Fat=130.5g 53% carbs are at 26g net carbs 7%, Proteins at 222g 40% I think this should be a good spot to keep them at for a week or two.

Today is shoulders and abs for my workout.

Took 50 mcg T3 as soon as I woke up then went and did cardio for 45 mins
Took 160 mcg Clen with breakfast
Took 500 mcg Oral tren with break fast
Injected 200 mg tren E
Injected 100 mg Test P

06-23-2011, 08:41 PM
Just got back from the gym (took 500mcg Oral tren preworkout) and it went well nothing special though , man for me nothing hits the shoulders and traps better then barbell shrugs I LOVE them!

Seem to be leaning out more and more everyday so far, although im sure this has to do with water weight coming off as well since theres no carbs in my diet. Just gotta keep on this and determined.

06-24-2011, 09:59 PM
Day 5

Took my 50 mcg T3 then went and did cardio , came back and ate some breakfast and took my 500 mcg oral tren , shot up 100 mg test prop everything went nice and smooth .

Todays workout (took 500 mcg Oral tren preworkout) was Legs and my legs were already super sore from the shots so it was really hard to train them but I tried my best.

So far my moods not to bad a little bit lethargic but its tolerable , havent had any bad side effects from the substances iv been taking so far , other then the Clen cramps which were eliminated with the right minerals like Taurine and Potassium. Other then that everythings still good .

06-25-2011, 05:03 PM
Day 6

Legs are definitely sore from yesterdays leg workout and from the shots.Today is a rest day , I still do cardio 7 days a week though , everythings still fine, I have noticed though that I can get very angry a little bit easier now , for example I was cooking my chicken breast last nite and my roomate kept fucking with them like flipping them over even though I just got done flipping them, then he touched them with the fork that had all this stupid bbq sauce and other crap on it , and he knows im dieting down, It was super hard for me not to go ragesaurus rex on his ass!

Then he wouldnt shut up about offering me some of his food which was his bbq sauce seasoned chicken , and salad loaded with salad dressing , he kept on saying come on this is healthy stuff right here its protein and vegetables, I didnt even bother responding I just turned my back on walked away.

Pinned 100 mg Prop everything went super smooth

Took my 50 mcg T3 on empty stomach

Took 500 mcg oral tren with breakfast and going to take another 500 mcg in the evening .

It also appears that I am starting to get a little bit more acne then usual around the shoulders and upper back.

06-26-2011, 04:57 PM
Day 7

Did my 45 mins of cardio

Rest day again today , definitely sore in the legs from the combination of pinning and training them...

Pinned 100 mg prop , everything went nice and smooth.

50 mcg T3

160 mcg Clen

BUMPED up my Oral Tren dosage by 250 mcg so I took 750 mcg with breakfast and going to take another 500 mcg in the evening .

Ill keep at this dosage for another 3 days , then ill bump it to 1.5 mg depending on how im feeling .

Also just started taking in 600 mg of milk thistle a day to help the liver out as im sure its not getting along with tren :P

Still getting the clen shakes ( not that it really bothers me ) , and have definitely been getting more acne on my upper back and shoulders and a little bit on the face , and skins a bit more oils .

Not a whole lot else to report about .

06-27-2011, 04:39 PM
Day 8 . Last monday I was at 195 when I weighed in , now today im at 180.6 , most of this was water weight though .

Diet is also still in check .

45 mins of cardio

Ill be doing Chest and Tri today at gym later on

I bumped up my t3 dosage to 75 mcg now I did this because I had talked to a few people and they said it would be fine and that with the anabolics I'm on I should be fine . This is my sticking point and I will stay at this dosage for the next 7 weeks.

Clen is still at 160 mcg , and Im going to be taking benadryl for about 3 weeks now starting today . I feel this will help me run ths clen for 3 weeks then take 2 weeks off and then get back on it .

Oral Tren I also bumped up dosage , im slowly making my way up to 2mg. I also figured that a higher dosage of this should help with the higher dosage of T3 . Right now im at 1.5 mg of this tren... 750 mcg with breakfast , and 750 mcg pre workout.

Test Prop 100 mg today

Tren E 200 mg today

Both shots went well except the Tren hurt like a son of bitch for some reason.

06-28-2011, 08:23 PM
Day 9

Everythings still going strong.

Cardio 45 mins

75 mcg T3 , 160 mcg clen ( started taking benadryl last night so I could get a total of 3 weeks of clen / 2 weeks off ) , 1.5mg oral tren

100 mg prop

Switching my calories a bit , I know I said I would stay about about 2300 for 2-3 weeks but I feel that I could lower them to 2100 and still be fine . So right now im at 2075 calories, now this I do plan on sticking to for 2-3 weeks . Still going it keto style as well , I dont plan on having a carb up , just keep on running keto all the way through until im at a low body fat.

Starting to notice im getting a bit leaner nothing special so far though .

My goal isn't to lose weight neccesarily BUT for some reason my recruiter in the Air Force said I have to meet the weight guidelines which is 181 for my height at 5'10 its usually 191 for that height but he said his boss makes him do 10 pounds under that , I wonder if this is even allowed ??? This is in my opinion the biggest bullshit, when I first came in I was at 195 and 11.3% bodyfat ( tested by calipers ) and I had to diet down even though I was in really good shape and could EASLY go through all the physical requirements needed. So even though im under my max weight goal which is 181 I really do feel that ill reach my desired body fat at about 170 pounds.

The only thing is once im at 170 and the desired body fat I would like to start gaining some mass and strength and get to 190 but 195 would be my goal , I just cant bulk up till im all done with basic then I guess the weight requirement doesnt matter , so ill be sticking at a low body weight for a few months .

Todays workout was pretty good also , I didn't really get any good pumps I think its from the lack of carbs , but I did feel really focused in .

06-29-2011, 07:01 PM
Day 10

1 hour of cardio today ( bumped it up because I just did a walk outside for about an hour and im sure my pace wasn't as fast as it was on the treadmill, but it was nice to go outside and do cardio )

100 mg prop

75 mcg T3

160 mcg clen ( still taking benadryl at night which in which case I take 75 mg )

Im now taking 2 mg of Oral tren , 1 mg with breakfast and 1 mg pre workout ... this is my stopping point if I went any higher I would feel that it would be way to unsafe , I did read a thread last night about a Moderator and another forum who went up to 8mg but died at that dosage , so even though 2 mg is far from 8 I still feel safe at 8 and I know people have gone up to 2.5 mg but I still feel safe and im sure its still really effective at 2mg . The thing that gets me is on the sites that sell it they say 1-2 pills are reccomended , and the site is usually pretty good at giving dosage information , so its pretty interesting since im taking about 10x that amount lol, definitely dont plan on taking orals for a longgg time.

I do notice my midsection is getting leaner , my mood is still the same never really changes with any type of drug or preworkout supplement that I take though. Diet is still going strong , although I had a dream where I fucked up on my diet and ate some deserts and other bad foods I was fucking pissed at myself in the dream I was like damn't Iv already gone a week and im going strong and then I fuck up ??? Then I woke up and I was like holy shit im so glad that was a fucking dream!!! It felt so real it was crazy shit lol.

Legs are still sore , if their still this sore on leg day im going to have to take some advil or ibuprofen to train even though thats one more oral drug I dont want my Liver taking lol.

06-29-2011, 09:09 PM
My goal isn't to lose weight neccesarily BUT for some reason my recruiter in the Air Force said I have to meet the weight guidelines which is 181 for my height at 5'10 its usually 191 for that height but he said his boss makes him do 10 pounds under that , I wonder if this is even allowed ???

Your recruit is wrong. When I joined the Air Force I was 5'10, 215 pounds but roughly 15% bf. Recruiters are not the best and brightest, it's where we sent the people we didn't know what else to do with.

06-29-2011, 10:26 PM
Haha yeah I can't stand my recruiter, did they tape measure you when you up at MEPS right before you went to basic ?

06-30-2011, 09:57 PM
Day 11

45 mins cardio

75 mcg T3

160 mcg Clen ( with 75 mg Benadryl at night )

600 mg Milk Thistle at night as well
Pinned 200 mg tren E , when I was pinning this it hurt like a mofo! but I finally got it all the way in the skin , aspirated and blood came out and that sucked, then pulling it out hurt like a mofo also , after that I just pinned again and found a good spot.

100 mg test prop VERYYYY smooth injection it was weird absolutely no pain at all not even when I was pulling the needle out ( the worst part imo) !

2 Mg oral tren total .. 1mg with breakfast and took 1 mg before workout

Todays workout was shoulders and abs , nothing spectacular to write about it , but it was a good workout .

I am noticing myself getting leaner , mostly in the midsection , my chest also seems to be a bit harder as well .

My apetite is still doing good , Im not super hungry all the time but when im put around foods that look very delicious it does sound amazing to just pig out on it . I am still eating about 2000-2100 calories a day all keto style , so high fat and Protein , some people reccomend carbing up for those who are working out , and their are diets like that such as the anabolic diet , ckd , bodyopus diet, etc. It would be nice to have a carb up day but then again I talked to a friend at the gym whos a bodybuilding competitor ( not natural , thats for sure LOL) and he said it wouldn't really be needed , it could be used to help a bit with energy levels and possibly help strength and preserve muscle some . But since im on this cycle that the muscle preservation shouldn't be much of a issue , and if I just stick to this it would help remove the fat faster then having to carb up every week or 2 and then have to wait a 2-3 days to get into keto . So im just going to be sticking with this and so far its working excellent , cant imagine how well my bodys going to do once the real tren starts kicking in .

07-01-2011, 11:55 PM
I found the sweet spot on my right thigh where I just barely poke it and it goes in and is painless, just gotta find that spot on the left leg.

Day 12

45 mins cardio

75mcg T3

2mg Oral tren (1mg in morning , 1mg in the evening )

100 mg Test P ( another really good and easy injection,I seem to have found the magic spot on my right thigh , now I just have to find it for the left thigh!)

160 mcg clen ( still followed by 75mgs of Benadryl at night )

600 mcg Milk Thistle

Today was a leg workout day , and I did attempt a couple reps of squat but my legs still arent fully recovered from the shots , although there WAYYY better now , plus the spot where I nicked something in my left leg hurt like a son of a ***** when I attempted these , and I didn't pop any advil because I forgot about oh well less stress on Liver anyways.

All and all though it was a really good workout , just did about 16 sets total for the whole leg at about 20 reps each set , once my legs are done being whusses im going to start going heavier and definitely going to be squatting. Mentally today was a SUPER good leg workout day , I didn't take the oral tren preworkout just because it was only about 3 hours from breakfast that I took the 1mg of it . BUT I did finally put songs onto my new ipod , and wow if you are use to listening to music when you workout and then you take a few weeks break from listening to it when you workout , and you come back with new songs and start listening to it again , it really gets ya pumped !

I need to start practicing my jogging for the military , I need to do the 1.5 mile in 9:30 seconds . So I think im going to jog 1 mile 3 days a week , then increase it to 1.5 miles the next week and then after that 2 miles . Not to sure if this is going to be to catabolic because I know some people highly dislike jogging cardio and prefer low intensity cardio but im hoping my gear will help preserve the muscle.

I might even switch jogging up to some sprinting , not sure which would be better for preserving the most muscle , but I always LOVED sprints because of football . So maybe something like 10 . 40 yard sprints followed by a 15 - 30 second break in between sprints . Any suggestions on which would help raise my stamina for the 1.5 mile , AND preserve the most muscle ???

What sucks is I here tren can kill your stamina , so ill definitely have to work even harder.

07-02-2011, 06:42 PM
Day 13

45 mins cardio

75 mcg T3

2mg oral tren split into 2 1mg doses.

100 mg test prop

160 mcg clen

75 mg benadryl

600 mg milk thistle

Rest day today so now a whole lot to talk about, just going to go grocery shopping and tan out in the sun perhaps some swimming . No side effects from any of the drugs so far , I do notice that im always really lethargic in the morning , but after eating at lunch or just going outside and trying to be productive that the lethargy does go away.

07-03-2011, 06:51 PM
Day 14

45 mins cardio

75 mcg T3

160 mcg clen

75 mg benadryl

600 mg milk thistle

100 mg prop , when I pinned it hurt just like it did not to long ago where when I aspirated back blood came out so I didnt even bother to stick it in because I recognized the pain , so I just withdrew it and piked a spot like a centimeter right of that spot and it went in nice and smooth.

2 mg oral tren split into two 1mg doses.

Rest day today , my right leg hurts like a mofo where iv been injecting it , I think this is mostly from being sore from leg day and the pain of injections though . Going to be hanging out with some buddies at a a lake today going to go swimming and mess around lay out in the sun , body isn't exactly what I would like it to be for this event but its definitely WAY better since the first day I started this log.

Went and checked my heart rate and wal mart on that machine they have by the pharmacy and blood pressure as well...
heart Rate was 108 .. systolic pressure was 133 mmhg (pre hypertension is 120-139) diastolic pressure was 69 (normal is below 80) ... damn heart rate was high from the clen maybe even the T3 rasied it a little as well.

07-04-2011, 11:20 PM
Day 15

Weekly weigh in ... 179 not down alot at all really from last week kind of suprising .

75 mcg T3

100 mg test prop ( I pinned first time went in easy but I aspirated and saw blood so I chose another spot , and I aspirated and was like is that new blood or the old blood so I poked ANOTHER spot and aspirated and I couldnt even tell if it was the old blood or new blood coming through , so I just said what the hell and injected , im fine so I dont think anything bad happened lol)

200 mg tren E ( went in really smoth and easy )

160 mcg clen

75 mg benadryl

600 mg milk thistle

2mg oral tren (1 mg in morning 1mg in the evening )

Diet is still in track im at about 2000 calories a day still with about 26 g's of net carbs.

Today was chest and tris . I was excited to see if my bench had gone up at all from last week sadly it didn't nor did my dumbell bench in fact I felt a bit lethargic not much but still just a bit , didn't have alot of stamina at all it seemed like during dumbell whenever I would go in for a lower right to get about 10 reps I would end up going only 5 or so even when I lowered the weight.

Triceps seemed stronger today doing the pulldowns but then I tried doing behind the neck tricept extension with a 45 pound weight and wow I was able to do it before no problem ( I remember doing this on my 20 mg beastdrol , 25 mcg T3 , and 160 mcg clen ) so then I had to drop down to a damn 35 pound weight and that really pissed me off because I was easly able to bust out the 45 plate for triceps with a burnout but I had to use the 35 pound ! It might have just been because I gave my triceps a good workout from doing the bench and other movements as well as the tricep pulldown. Oh and the diet when I was on the beast was also the same type of diet im doing now . It could have also just been one of those days where your strength is down for no apparent reason , so we will definitely see how we do on chest day next week and ill do the same routine so I will definitely know , 2 weeks might not be enough to be expecting strength gains esp on this type of diet , but 3 weeks should tell me a thing or two about where im at strength wise.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July!!!

07-05-2011, 10:22 PM
Day 16

45 mins of cardio

75 mcg T3

100 mg test prop ( same thing happened as last time I had to poke 4 times before I finally felt I hit a safe spot , Im starting to think I keep getting blood when I aspirate because iv only been using my thighs for injection but im not sure on this , maybe I just have bad luck hitting the wrong spots on the leg)

160 mcg clen ( im not as shaky on the clen! I think its because iv been on such a high dose for to long that its effects are gone , even though iv been adding benadryl maybe its just not enough to combat how much im taking , sunday will be my last day taking it for 2 weeks )

75 mg benadryl

2 mg oral tren split into two 1 mg doses

600 mg milk thistle

Today was a bi and back workout , I felt really good I started noticing myself getting vascular again like I was a few months ago , no special pumps ( I blame this on lack of carbs ) when I first got there and I was warming up my back I was like ughgh I dont feel like my muscles have the stamina or want to do this , but after I got into my working sets I was good to go and definitely well focused!

Lately iv been really ocd about how I look in the mirror since the results aren't coming as fast , I also dont feel im to active since im temporarily not working , so I pretty much stay home all day except for going to the gym and doing cardio and going out in the sun , other then that Im busy on the computer or watching the baby. So I almost feel I really need to go swimming outside alot more since cardio bores the hell out of me enough in the early 45 min session .

Maybe im just expecting results to fast, and im sure the leaner I get the more time its going to take to see improvements. My diet is still right on track with exactly 2095 calories keto style , was thinking about switching this up though for some reason , I feel If I have carbs it will help my strength and possibly gain muscle , I do beleive it is impossible to gain muscle without having carbs ? So maybe if I add in some carbs I can still cut down but also gain some lean mass and possibly better strength , ill see where my strength is as next week and decide what I want to do. I'm also sure that if I just stuck with the keto style that it would result in more total fat loss , how much more ? I don't exactly know but im sure its a good amount more then with carbs

07-06-2011, 08:05 PM
Day 17

45 mins of cardio

75 mcg T3

160 mcg clen

100 mg test prop ( nice and smooth injection )

75 mg benadryl @ night ( I had a wonderful sleep last night , and woke up with a good mood this morning )

2 mg oral tren split into two 1mg doses

600 mg milk thistle.

Rest day today , going to go out and swimm and try to burn some calories and get a better tan. Not a whole lot else to report on , hope everyone has a wonderful day .

07-07-2011, 08:44 PM
Day 18

45 mins of cardio

75mcg T3

100 mg test prop

200 mg tren E ( aspirated blood came through so had to choose a different spot then it went in smooth )

160 mcg clen

75 mg benadryl @ night

600 mg milk thistle

2mg oral tren , split into two 1mg doses .

Todays workout was shoulders & abs , it went really well , was really focused and strength was good, Im also starting DNP on Monday !!! So stay tuned!!!

07-08-2011, 09:46 PM
Day 19

45 mins of cardio

75 MCG T3

160 mcg clen

100 mg test prop ( nice and smooth no problems )

75 mg benadryl @ night

600 mg milk thistle

2 mg oral tren split into two 1 mg doses

Okay so to start things off I had MASSIVE knee pain or some kind of pain just barely above the kneecap muscle . It hurt super bad during the night when I would do the nightly piss /and get water routine. Then I woke up and was like no way in hell im doing cardio , then I did it anyways and it went away a bit . Then I iced it and took some advil for it after I was done, I'm not sure if this is because yesterday I switched up my morning cardio and did a 9 % incline instead of a 1-3% incline , thats the only thing I can think of?

Today was legs so I went SUPER light on it , for some reason it was only the right leg , and like I said it wasn't exactly the thigh muscle it was like a muscle that is just barely above the knee cap and also feels like its coming from the side of the kneecap. Also did some of the olyptical at the gym some HIIT during leg training ( since this seemed better then to try and do hiit on treadmill !) and also warmed up on the stationary bike for about 5 mins.

Going to be icing this baby for a while , and maybe get a blow dryer and put some heat on it before I go to bed, also going to be purchasing some Joint relief vitamins most likely if the pain doesnt go away soon.

I have also noticed my sex drive is pretty low lol , im not exactly thinking about it as much as I usually do , im also starting to be curious of my Test P and tren E is legit hmmm , its optimum pharma so not sure if anyone has any feedback about them .

07-09-2011, 10:30 PM
I switched up my cardio also , for a few days I was working my heart rate @ about 140 ish bpm , so I lowered it back down to about 120 -130 ish . Only burning about 210 calories in the morning but I feel its better for my legs. I might have to throw in two sessions of this not sure yet.

Day 20

45 mins cardio

75 mcg T3

100 mg test prop

2 mg oral tren , split into seperate doses.

decided to bump up clen today and tomorrow as well , im up to 200 mcg ( I'm almost 100% positive its useless though , I think my beta receptors are all fried , even though I was taking 75 mg benadryl @ night I dont think that it could keep up with 3 weeks @ 160 mcg clen everyday) tomorrow is going to be my last day on clen., for at least 2 weeks possibly 3 .

75 mg benadryl @ night still just to attempt to help my receptors , as well as this stuff makes ya sleep good

600 mg milk thistle

Today was just a rest day so all I did was the cardio , and dont plan on doing much at all today . I had the thought of taking some nolva maybe 20 mg everyday just to help get rid of some estrogen , I think it might help get rid of some of the fat a little better , not sure though . Almost seems as if iv hit a plateau but starting Monday it should break.

07-11-2011, 12:45 AM
day 21

45 mins of cardio

Rest day today

100 mg test prop

2 mg oral tren , split doses.

160 mcg clen today was my last day of it , as it is now useless and I need to take a break.

75 mg benadryl@ night

600 mg milk thistle

75 mcg T3

Well today was just a rest day nothing big to report about hope everyone has a wonderful day ! , tomorrow I start DNP though!!!! im stoked lol seems like im hitting a plateau and this should help.

07-11-2011, 07:50 PM
Day 22

45 mins cardio

100 mg test prop

200 mg tren E

2 mg oral tren

75 mcg T3

AND !!!! 200 mg Crystaline DNP!!!!

Also changed up my diet today since im on dnp , Im now taking in carbs , in fact im taking in about 170'g of carbs still keeping protein high at about 201 grams but I dropped fat to 43 grams , and my calorie intake is 1915.

Also weekly weigh in was at 172 so I believe thats about a 7 pound drop from last week.

07-11-2011, 07:52 PM
Also im not sure if anyone could help me out but how do I edit the name of the thread ??

07-11-2011, 08:56 PM
grate log and to change the name of thread: if you got to the 1st post you made (in this thread) click to "edit post" then it will say like "save" "go advanced" "cancel" click go advanced then you should be able to change it from there.

07-13-2011, 01:55 AM
Thanks Jim appreciate it doesn't look like it changed the actual posting name though which is interesting O-o ???

Day 23

45 mins of cardio

100 mg test prop

2mg oral tren, split doses still

75 mg benadryl @ night

600 mg milk thistle

200 mg crystal DNP

75mcg T3

So last night was very interesting , I kept waking up and having weird ass dreams ! Dont know why honestly ! it could be the dnp , or it could be the tren E kicking in . Also felt a bit warmer today on my head , but then again the weather outside was way hotter then usual AND I just got a haircut .

Went to the gym and everything felt pretty normal , it was a back and bi day , felt pretty pumped the workout went nice and smooth .

So the only thing that was interesting was the sleep lol , usually I have a really good night of sleep especially with the benadryl but last night was just funky like I said.

Hope everyone has a good day .

07-13-2011, 11:37 AM
sound weird to be have dreams never heard anyone say that b4 lol, and about the name of the tread you best pm a mod and ask or get them to change it then im not sure how to do it if that didn't work i'v never tried to change one before

07-13-2011, 11:44 PM
Day 24

75 mcg T3

2 mg oral tren split doses.

100 mg test prop

75 mg benadryl@ night

600mg milk thistle

200 mg Crystaline Dnp

45 mins cardio

Today was a rest day so I didn't do a whole lot just went swimming for a bit and watched a bunch of movies.

Still not feeling much from the DNP , another weird night of sleep though by weird I mean my brain just has random thoughts almost feels like im insane , hard to explain lol , I woke up about 4 times to pee and get water, hehe keep on getting scarred that if I dont drink my water at night that ill die from dehydration O_O !

So today was day 3 on dnp so far not feeling any side effects maybe a little more lethargy then usual other than that nothing else.

07-15-2011, 03:32 PM
Okay sorry for not updating yesterday internet wouldn't work

Yesterday was day 25 , and I bumped up my dosage to 400 mg split doses , didn't really feel much was a little hot at night but it was also in the high 90's yesterday.

Shot into the delts for the first time yesterday and im pretty damn sore in the delts today from it.

Trained shoulders and abs yesterday I changed up my routine so that im only taking about 30 seconds rest between sets and exercises. Everything seemed pretty smooth yesterday

Yesterday took 75 mcg T3

2 mg oral trenn split doses

200 mg tren E

600 mg milk thistle

and 75 mg benadryl.

07-15-2011, 06:23 PM
what are you weighing these days?

07-15-2011, 08:03 PM
Weighing in at 172 last Monday , ill check again next week . I have to go out of town for a few days but will still continue the cycle / dnp but wont be dietiing as hardcore or able to workout which sucks . Btw my height is 5' 9!!! I thought I was 5'10 for so long but I got it re measured today at the gym.

Day 26

45 mins of cardio

75 mg T3

100 mg test prop

2 mg oral tren split doses.

400 mg DNP

75 mg benadryl , 600 mg milk thistle

All I can say is WOW!!! SOOOOOO lethargic !!! I have NEVER been so lethargic is my whole life,
today was a leg day and I was so freaking weak I did my first set and almost walked out of the gym because it was so bad!

I stayed and did legs but just superrr light weight and tried to do a bunch of reps but even with light weight I just didn't have the drive / focus for it. I was at the gym for maybe 30 mins and that was it.

07-16-2011, 11:57 PM
Day 27

45 mins of cardio

75 mg T3

2 mg oral tren

600 mg milk thistle

400 mg DNP

75mg benadryl

Decided im going to do 200 mg prop every other day , instead of everyday, so no prop today.

Everything with family is okay so im still home and staying here and staying on track with the diet and supps.

Im still feeling a bit lethargic , im not really feeling to much heat from the DNP I almost bumped up to 500 mg today but decided ill stay at 400 for a while. It does seem like I have put on water , but that could also be just from adding carbs back into my diet. Also would like to add all my carbs are from regular oats.

Also going to take a 2 week break from the oral tren starting tomorrow , and then im going to use some beastdrol @ 20 mg everyday , also I might be going back into a keto diet since you dont need carbs for dnp to work.

07-18-2011, 05:18 AM
Day 28 !

Sorry for not updating till late fellas, internet has been acting really dumb lately

45 mins of cardio

600 mg Crystal DNP today , im 90% sure this stuff is underdosed ! Didnt feel much from it today :( Thinking about stopping this stuff tomorrow , we will see though.
50 mcg T3 ( noticed I dropped it down a notch), why ? well because im not sure my gear is legit!? Its optimum pharma but I haven't heard much about them and I dont want to be running 75 mcg t3 if im not for sure my gears legit.

Also , today was my last day of oral tren , only took 1 mg , this is geneza so I know its legit . Going to be taking a few days off of the orals and continue the milk thistle and give my liver a break. Will be adding 2 new orals soon though stayed tuned and find out which ones mwhahaha!

600 mg milk thistle

Not taking any benadryl just because I feel like I need a break from it , definititely noticed it helped me sleep better though :)

200 mg test P today.

Today should have been an off day but I decided im just going to go straight up 2 on 1 off for my workout schedule , I feel that my chest and tris were fully recovered and ready for a whoopin. I also changed out my workout routine so I take way less time in between sets , supposedly better for fat burning . Ill prolly do this for one more week and go back to 1-2 minutes of rest.

I did notice I had a really good tricep pump today and my arms seemed to appear bigger hmmm. Strength wise I felt weaker just because I didn't get to rest as long in between sets.

Will have more updates for everyone tomorrow if internet is still working :P

07-19-2011, 01:13 AM
Day 29

45 mins of cardio

50 mcg T3

about 300 mg tren E bumped this up because Im thinking my gear is either fake or way underdosed so I just want to get rid of it , if anyone has any feedback if optimumpharma is legit please let me know :)

1200 mg milk thistle , getting ready to start my orals pretty soon , these are gonna be legit and looking forward to it :)!

NO DNP at all today!!

Decided not to take the DNP because I honestly dont think their dosed right I went to 600 mg and didnt feel anything and I know legit dnp should be felt even at 200 mg ... so one week worth of some underdosed possibly fake DNP , didn't do much if anything ? I also seem to be holding water so if it is real DNP ill know in about a week or so once the water is gone , plus I gained water weight from the increased sodium and carb intake .

I switched my diet back up so its back to keto style as well . Today's workout was decent , I didn't feel like working out at all once I got there but after a few sets I was good to go , still on the short rest period workout , was a back and bi day , had a pretty good bicep pump .

Also I weighed in at 177 today , so DEFINITELY water weight is their , thats about a 5 pound increase in a week even though my calorie intake was actually about 100 -200 calories lower then it was when I was no carb.

08-16-2011, 05:56 AM
what happened?

08-18-2011, 06:34 PM
Hey sorry for not updating just been to lazy and iv had to travel out of town for 3 weeks for work so I still worked out but couldn't do much about food so ended up bulking for those 3 weeks.

I restarted cutting about 2.5 weeks ago , dropped the t3 just to make sure my thyroid would get a break and recover since I had to go out of town and figured it would be a good time to stop it , dropped the test and tren since I don't think these 2 substances were legit definitely wished I would have ordered from naps .

Right now im just on ephedrine and beast , so far everythings going really strong. Not going to be able to update much though mainly because of work and life for me is starting to get really busy but ill try to update when I get a chance . Strength that iv been gaining in the gym is definitely progressing though so im really happy about that.

08-24-2011, 01:13 PM
Sorry man - but here's some tough love- but it looks like you gave up after only 4 weeks. I want you to be successful. start over - do it right.

08-31-2011, 05:41 PM
Gave up ? brother im still going at it , right now I dont really have to much of a choice , I did give up on logging this stuff every day with all the details its just to much of a pain with how busy iv been lately , but im not even close to giving up a few good diet protocols are making things way easier .

09-03-2011, 09:32 AM
nice that oral tren is some strong stuff i hear! would like to see some updates

07-26-2012, 11:08 PM
GP ORAL TREN is an amazing product. Patience is key with it. It will kick in in about a week to two weeks. I lost 63lbs did the P90X for cardio using test cyp and oral tren. Sometimes if you move the needle or syringe while you're injecting due to nerves or a shaky hand which sometimes happens to me you can nick a vein. Don't be too alarmed if you pull it out and the site bleeds sometimes it will sometimes it wont. If you're really concerned monitor the injection site watch for redness swelling and warmth as these are signs of potential infection. My first time ever injecting I did it perfectly no blood nothing but my whole upper arm and shoulder turned red was painful to touch and was warm for about two days. I was only injecting 1 1/2 ml of test. Don't worry too much just monitor the site if it gets worse call your doctor.