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06-14-2011, 01:12 AM
Short Time Training!
By: A1muscleSports.com

Here?s how to retain the strength and muscular development gained through years of hard work, and even progress further, without 1-2 hour workouts you no longer have time for.

Being a busy business and family man often conflicts with training time. Pressing family and business matters frequently do and should receive priority over workouts.

Compound this with reduced training motivation after 10 - 20 - 30 or more years of working out; then missing workouts becomes a major problem.
Sound familiar? Try this! Six dally workouts a week; 15-20 minutes each. Anyone should be able to allot 15 minutes a day for exercising.
This training method works best in a home gym; eliminating both travel time and waiting for equipment.

These concepts are incorporated in short daily workouts:

?Exercise only 2-3 different muscles each workout.
?Do only one exercise per muscle, i.e. thighs?squats.
?Use one warmup set for each exercise performed.
?Basic set scheme; 1 warmup set and 3 regular sets.
?Use basic exercises: full squats, presses, lat pulldowns, etc.
?Short rest periods: 1 minute maximum between sets.

Here?s a sample routine I currently use.

Lat Pulldowns: 100 lbs. x 15, 200x10, 155x10, 155x10.
Stiff Leg Deadlift: 0 lb. x 10, 145x10, 215x10, 235x10.


Full Squats: 0 lbs. xl0, 145x10, 195x10, 255x8.
Donkey calf Raise: 65 lbs. x 20, 125x20, 85x20.


Dumbbell Bench Press: 60 lb. pair x 10, 85 lb. pair x 12, 100 lb. pair x 12, 100 lb. pair x 12.
Alt. Dumbbell press: 40 lb. pair x15, 75 lb.pair x10, 60 lb. pair x10, 6O lb. pair x10.
Incline Curls Dumbbells: 30 lb. pair x10, 50 lb. pair x 10, 45 lb. pair x 10, 45 lb. pair x 10.


Lat Pulldown: 100 lbs. x 15, 175x10, 175x10, 155x10.
Stiff Leg Deadlift: 0 lbs. x 15, 145 x15, 145x15, 145x15.


Squats: 0 lbs. x 10, 145x10, 215x15, 215x15.
Donkey Calves: 65 lbs. x 20, 125x20, 125x20.


Dumbbell Bench Press: 60 lb. pair x 10, 85 lb. pair x 12, 100 lb. pair x 12, 100 lb. pair x 12.
Alt. Dumbbell Press: 40 lb. pair x 10, 85 lb. pair x 12, 65 lb. pair x 12, 65 lb. pair x 12.
Incline Dumbbell Curl: 30 lb. pair x 10, 50lb. pair x8, 551b. pair x 8, 55 lb. pair x 8.

Once or twice a month, instead of the regular squat workout, try a one rep maximum in the squat or any other exercise.

My last attempt in the full squat went as follows: 100x10, 145x10, 185x1, 245x1, 285x1, 300x1. The workout was then concluded with the regular calf exercise.

The poundages aren?t really important other than as an illustration of the 15-20 minute workout.

Varying reps and weights each workout is great for motivation; as consistently alternating heavy workout poundages with medium weights and occasional maximum attempts provides a welcome relief from monotony.

Try short workouts if your time is limited. They?ve been beneficial for me and could work for you.