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06-09-2011, 10:04 PM
I have been hearing good things on PGCL. Is anyone familiar with it. I am curious on dosage frequency of such and the pros and cons. Any info is appreciated.

06-10-2011, 11:59 AM
never used it myself i seen a artical on it iv not read it all myself but i'll post it up,
was taken from : http://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/steroid-testosterone-information/21766-pgcl.html

Interesting reading but not for the faint hearted. Is this really the way forward for BBing...I hope not. Training hard, eating properly and using a bit of test every now and again is one thing, but this?

Not my bag but thought it would be interesting to get peoples thoughts on it.........By the way these are not my words or my experiences but someone elses...Id rather individually pluck the pubes from my scrotum, than use this stuff but thats for another thread!!!

Lets take some of the mystery out of IP's PGCL.

First let me tell you that if you don't know, I have been a friend of IP
now for many years. I also would have been equally willing to post
negative or neutral comments about PGCL had I found the first results to
be dissappointing or the experience dangerous. This is a subjective post
and you must recognize, as I do, that this is pretty much uncharted
territory and no physician in his right mind would approve of these
methods for determining PGCL's effect or safety in bodybuiding MEN. The
literature on prostoglandins in bodybuilding is very limited. I was
greatly helped by articles on Basskiller and Mesomorphosis. You will note
in the literature reviews, that many times the dosing information is
choppy and you are not sure exactly which prostoglandin the author may be
referring to or which prostoglandin PGCL really is ( stronger or weaker ).
There is a ton of vetinary information out there on the drug that is used
to bring on heat and to induce labor in elephants, cattle, and pigs. But
it is hard to find information on fat metabolism, muscle growth, and
dosages in males.

IP's PGCL: It's ( PG-CL ) and each powder amp is 500 mcg or 1/2 mg.

THE PRICE: Pretty pricey although when one actually considers the
dramatic physique altering effects that occur with the drug and mild to
moderate workouts, it may be very cost effective. Certainly, when placed
side by side to HGH, PGCL appears to eliminate fat, at a rate many times
that of HGH. One of the most limiting factors of PGCL use appears to be as
spoken about elsewhere; the fact is that users get burned out with being a
pin cushion and to a lesser degree with the diarrhea that is induced by
the drug. Now IP tells me it can be taken at far lower frequencies ( 1
amp every two weeks ) and still be effective. This would truly make the
drug dirt cheap. In fact, IP is very concerned about the risks of dosing
schedules as high as mine, although I am very comfortable with the startup
schedule and dosages I used for the reasons given in this report. However,
if it can be shown to be equally effective when taken at lower dosages or
frequencies, then obviously that is preferred. AGAIN: This is pretty
if you are a MAN! I would personally not use it if I was attempting to start
a family now or in the near future. It is one thing to take the risk on for
yourself, but I cannot see how you can in good conscience risk the health
of your baby to-be.

THE DOSAGE: I found that 1/4cc PGCL is a nice volume to shoot into a muscle
with an insulin syringe 29guage X 1/2 needle. You could use more or less
volume, but becuase there may be a small bite to the injection, it is
rather shallow injection, and there are more small nerves at shot
locations then you are use to with gear sticks, 1/4cc feels about right.
You clearly get the effects of the drug in what, appeared to me, to be
like-manner as when I used 3/4cc of PGCL. Besides, 1/4cc makes it easy to
split up in dosages that are suggested for a 220lb male ( approximately
37mcg ). Now I usually get bacteriostatic water from the lab supply store
to mix stuff with but I was lazy and I picked up Sterile Normal Saline Eye
Wash from the pharmacy section of the grocery store. IP has you buying
distilled water and microwaving it, which is cheap and can be easily done.
I just don't like gallon jugs as they quickly become breeding grounds for
bugs. So I used sterile normal saline and you can use sterile water.
Doesn't appear to matter although I am not an expert if you hadn't
noticed, LOL. You have many ways to get 12 insulin syringes filled at 1/4
cc from 1 amp of powdered PGCL to give you a shot with approximately
40mcg of drug in it. I personally use a clean one ounce drink shot glass that
has been submerged in ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 91% for 5 minutes and then air
dried. With a sterile 3cc syringe, draw up just over 3cc of saline or water.
Break the top off the amp ( happy to report these Chinese glass amp tops break
easily as they are supposed to ) and put 2 cc in the amp and allow powder
to mix into solution. Then withdrawl everything out of amp with syringe and
you should be left with a syringe that has just over 3 cc's PGCL solution in it.
Shoot the 3cc's PGCL solution into the shot glass and draw up 12 insulin syringes
with 1/4cc ( or ml) PGCL each. You now have 12 shots available from one 500mcg
amp each. Each shot will have approximately 40 mcg's of PGCL which is the
recommended dose ( as far as I can find ) of PGCL for a 220lb MALE.

STORAGE: I kept the amps and the readied syringes in a refrigerator.
However, in reviewing the vetinary literature, I found that the drug in
solution may be kept in a dark place at room temperature. Obviously,
keeping the drug refrigerated for elephants in Africa would be a

SHOOTING PGCL: Well it takes a little getting used to as it did the first
time you nailed yourself with a 1 1/2 inch 22 or 23 guage needle. It does
have a small bite at first and it varies depending on the muscle region
you are hitting as there are differences in where pain receptors are
between shot locations. But the worst pain that ( which isn't very bad ) is
the pain that you already know when you lay the needle close enough to a
nerve that the solution volume excerts pressure and you feel alittle pain
with inject. Thats why 1/4cc is a good shot volume as it isn't putting a
whole lot of volume pressure out at the point of inject. About every 10th
injection I did get a small ( dime-size ) bruise from needle/shot trauma.
This was ususually associated with jerking the syringe around or
repositioning the needle in the muscle using my left non-dominat hand.
You will find the bicep an easier muscle to hit the the tricep, DUH!. I
never aspirate back, but everyone will tell you you should.

06-10-2011, 12:00 PM
THE DOSING SCHEDULE: I am just going to tell you what I did. I based my
inject sites, frequency, and dosage on what little literature was
available. BEAWARE::: It appears that I may be using well over twice the
necessary amount of drug needed. I shot ( two 40 mcg. injects ) 2 - 3
times a day ( 4 - 6 total shots ) depending on whether I was working that
day or not. On days that you are working you may have to scale back the
shots, or not do them at all, as the need to use the bathroom in quick
order is there everytime you inject. ON WORK DAY: I would do 1 shot at
work at a time when I knew that 20 minutes to 1 -1/2 hours after I
injected I could spend 1 - 3 ( 5 - 10 minutes breaks ) on the ****ter
stinking the place up. I would then shoot some time after dinner being a
lttle sensitive to others in the house as far as smell and splatter ( if
you know what I mean!! ). ON NON WORK DAYS: I would do 2 shots,
3 times a day at times that made sense as far as ingestion of food and availability
of toilet. Now it is clearly a very fast acting drug and there is some
literature from bodybuilders suggesting shooting 5 times a day as the
anabolic effect may be as short as only 2 hours. May be my 6 shots on NON
WORK days should be spread out and limited to 5 shots total. But I am
afraid the logistics, as far as toilet use, and other tolerance issues,
make me comfortable with my shot schedule ( again that is ( 2 ) 40mcg
shots, 3 times a day where they make sense )

THE SHOT PAIN/SORENESS: You will read about having 64 possible shot
locations and the need to rotate the shots between muscles, locations and
workout days. I am going to tell you my experience is different. I am 6
days into it and shooting only my biceps and triceps. I did shoot my
chest once, my quads once and my calves once and the bowels moved about
the same degree with each location. It maybe becuase I am actually
hitting my system with 80 mcg with each inject session so proxcimity to
the guty may be a mute point as the ****s going to roll ( or slip out of
you!! ) anyhow. I experience muscle soreness for about as long as the drug
remains active which I would guesstimate at 1-3 hours. I have experienced
nothing debilitating as far as muscle pain and I can inject the muscle
over and over again. I can work the muscle moderately hard, get a great
pump, without any consideration of whether I shot the muscle that day or
not. Now your experience may be different as I know from experience with
shooting IP's oils forever it seems that while I rarely ever had
sensitivity some guys would get tremendous adverse reactions at the
injection site. DO YOU UNDERSTAND: That I shoot two shots into the
identical areas of the bilateral muscle with every shot episode. So during
the 1 -3 sessions a day, I shoot one bicep or tri area and then try to
shoot immediately the same area on the other arm. Thats how I get 80mcg's
of drug with every inject session.

WHAT ELSE AM I ON: I am on HRT and don't cycle anymore as I can't
grow on cycles that include up to 2 grams of test a week. I am over 50 and my
test levels are managed by a physician who uses lozenges to keep me at a
level of someone about 30. You will never grow on HRT, but if you time it
right sometime after 40 when your muscle mass starts to dwindle, get on it
and you may blunt the muscle loss. How long??? we will find out!!! I
also take armidex and procepia, but that is really it. Oh I am doing PWO
slin and Maxy Waize just to augment the muscle fullness if I can. Only on
workout days. I do 75mg -100 mg of ephedrine HCL preworkout and I have
noticed a blunted effect of ephedrine since being on PGCL. I would say 30%
less of a boost.

THE SHOT LOCATIONS: Like I said above, I am not rotating muscles beyond
the two I have chosen to experiment on. My Biceps and my Triceps. I am
only doing the lateral head of the triceps for reasons that will become obvious
to you when you go to hitting the tricep muscle by yourself.

************************************************** *******

Your experience may be different and my experiment may be dangerous for
some MALES. In fact, IP is very concerned about the risks of dosing
schedules as high as mine although I am very comfortable with the schedule
and dosages I used for the reasons given in this report. However, if it
can be shown to be equally effective when taken at lower dosages or
frequencies then obviously this is preferred. AGAIN: This is pretty
if you are a MAN! I would personally not use it if I was attempting to start
a family now or in the near future. It is one thing to take the risk on for
yourself, but I cannot see hopw you can in good conscience risk the health
of your baby to-be.

THE SCARIEST EFFECT: Was on the first or second day of use when doing
shrugs, on about the 4th set the area around my adam's apple started to
tighten up. Now the first thought is that the airway could close down as
with anaphalactic shock. I stopped the exercise and the sensation quickly
subsided. That was the only time I experienced that feeling. PGCL is a
smooth muscle constrictor and today I think I may have just triggered some
smooth muscle in my neck or possibly the lower windpipe to contract.
Understanding it doesn't make it any safer, if your airway should close
off, you won't be worrying about muscle size anymore.

06-10-2011, 12:01 PM
NAUSEA: Truthfully, it was only the first day that I almost felt ( when
the drug was peaking in my system, around 1 hour or so ) like vomiting.
I didn't, it never got to the point of heaves. That 1st and 2nd day was
one of fatique and a feeling of sickness mostly when the drug was peaking.

THE ****TER: This is probably the biggest nuisance, but may also be one
of the most beneficial aspects of the drug. You will need a bathroom for
diarrhea 1 - 3 times within the 1st 20 min to 1 1/2 hours after injecting
the dosages I used. The drug causes spontaneous abortions in females
through smooth muscle contractions. In men this drug causes you to
spontaneously abort much of what you have in your GI track, as well as,
your bladder through the same mechanism. It doesn't seem to get better,
it happens everytime, and there were a couple times that I would have ****
my pants ( at work ) if I did not have a toilet readily available. The good
news is ( despite a puckered asshole, LOL ) you develop a tolerance and it
becomes a fairly easy thing to manage, but how many times can you admit
to your family in a week period, you have the runs? Seems a little weird!!

BODYTEMP: You read about sweating and increase in body temperature when
people are describing the effects when drug is peaking in your system. In
my experience I had a consistent drop in body temperature 36.3 - 36.9
degrees celcius when peaking ( at about 1 hour or when you are compelled
to the bathroom ). Much of the day my hands and feet where cold and so it
appears to me that I peripherally shut down due to vasoconstriction of
blood vessels in my hands and feet. It may be a compensatory reaction to
the sudden loss of water volume intravascularily through the massive
shifting of water into the GI tract causing, near-explosive, diarrhea.
Just speculation as is all of this report.

SITE PAIN / MUSCLE SORENESS: As noted above: small bite with injection,
soreness for me while drug levels were high and nothing that prevents me
from working that muscle or re-hitting the site.

CRAMPING: Some cramping thats confined to the hands mostly every
day once or twice that subsides. I attributed this to electrolyte loss from
diarrhea and diuresis.

BRUISING: Like I said above, small, dime-size, bruises about every 10th
inject from muscle trauma I speculate was cuased by me jerking the syringe
and needle around with my non-dominant hand.

************************************************** *******


WEIGHT LOSS: In 5 days, I lossed 9 lbs. Much of this was water, but it was
also significantly fat. Vascularity has been brought out by a reduction of
the fat sheath on arms and legs. Belt size shortened about 1 inch.

ARM SIZE: In 5 days, approximately 1 inch, added to my Bicep/tricep
measurement post workout of the arms. About 18 to 19 inches with the
muscle staying fuller throughout day. Come on,,, I am over 50, how big did
you think I would be??? bigger than most!!

HORNYNESS: Some users of prostoglandins report increase in Libido. I
would say mine was enhanced slightly, but this maybe more of a placebo
effect. In younger men this effect maybe more pronounced or it may not
have any effect on libido.


What makes this drug so interesting for rapid weight loss is that you are
emptying the gut periodically throughout the day and depriving the body of
calories and electrolytes. However unlike caloric restrictive diets
of say, less that 1000 calories a day, you are able to eat normally ( if
not overeat ) and not suffer through the psychological pain of strict
dieting. You may also prevent the re-setting of the metabolism that occurs
when the body thinks you are depriving it. But I am convinced, that in
addition to diuresis, the drug is causing food in the small intestine to
not get fully absorbed, but be evacuated out of the body. Whether there
is actually increased fat metabolism occuring ( the burning up or
"killing" ) of fat cells that one reads about from prostoglandins I can't
tell. I do not see heat occuring which would lead me to believe that my
metabolism was increased. I do see one of the most pain free and profound
weight loss through diuresis and decreased nutritional absorbtion that I
have ever experienced, or heard of. If you are a fighter trying to make
weight, take 80 mcgs of PGCL, and within 2 hours you maybe as much as 5
pounds lighter. One gallon of water weighs 8 lbs and I didn't weigh it,
LOL, but that first shot/**** was about 1 /2 gallon of pretty toxic stuff.
I would certainly consider gatoraid/pedi-lite drinks throughout day if
in fact, we agree there is a serious loss of electrolites ocurring. There
is obvious muscle swelling due to inflamation of the muscle. How can this
be anabolic?? It is fluid! It must be stretching fascia? But is it
anymore stretching than if I was on 2 grams of test?? Time will tell. I
have 5-6 more amps to do in my arms. What are the health consequenses in
men?? Hell I don't know, but in rats given tons of the drug, it appears
that any negative effects subsided with discontinuation of the drug.
Tolerance issues: most people seem to tolerate and learn to manage the
****ter, but it appears that 2 months is the maximum that people want to
be a pincushion or to just manage the logistics associated with PGCL. My
intuition tells me that I will do 8 amps into my Biceps and Tris and then
take a break and evaluate the longer term effects. I think a 10amp
package for $250 from China and 500mg of test a week will get you a 1-2
month bridging cycle between steroid use. IP tells me he may bring this
price down and both he and the remailers will be stocking up on PGCL in
the next couple weeks.

IN SUMMARY: I have done DNP and could not tolerate it beyond day two. It
was probably the most frightening experience along with just the
discomfort from heat. DNP is nasty stuff and frommy perspective the kind
of stuff physiologically that if you show up in the ER with serious side
effects, they aren't going to have a clue other than ice packs as to how
to treat you. In other words they are as apt to turn the negative effects
up as much as turn them down. It wouldn't surprise me if death occurs
occaissionally with DNP use. I have used as much as 700ius of HGH over a
few months and while I did recognize fat loss, it came at a significant

No this is very interesting stuff that I think warrants a try without more
than base test, and without HGH. It is cool stuff in that you can
painlessly diet and ( with a little site pain ) manipulate muscle size all
within a matter of days.

I do not know if the muscle swelling will occur in people with little or
no muscle mass. I suspect that like steroids, there won't be much of a
size increase without mass.

Well did I seem biased??? I hope not!! I am IP's friend, but money has
never motivated me to compromise Truth. In fact I paid full price for the
product which is extremely rare for me. This is all subjective and in the
end I only hope I have just provided some helpful information that will
allow you to safely experiment with this very unique drug. For God's
sake people, do you realize I am reporting all this after only 5 days or
2-3 amps 1mg - 1.5 mg PGCL. I will give you the full, blow to blow,
through 5 more amps so that this is not just some great beginning followed
up without an ending reported.

So there we go. Am I the only person that thinks this stuff is for the intellectually challenged? ****s.


06-10-2011, 11:34 PM
Great post Jimmy.

Never tried it nor do I want to.Too many safer ways to cut fat and gain mass.

tiny tim
07-23-2011, 03:51 PM
This stuff sounds horrible! Are u kidding me? What happened to diet and hard work?
This guy is an idiot. I wonder if he is still alive?

08-31-2011, 04:23 AM
overrated.. dont make u lose fat or gain muscle imo . just the best water sheadder ive ever used in my life