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06-30-2010, 08:36 AM
ANABOL 10mg for the juiced pict library

06-30-2010, 09:55 AM
I noticed the difference in expiration date. I recieved new 5 mg from the Pharmaceutical wholesaler thus those are real and I got the 10 mg very cheap from a contact, but I haven't checked them out yet. What I did notice that the 5 expires a year later, impossible i.m.o. I'll contact Prem to ask.

07-03-2010, 09:39 AM
Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your question.

According to the different expiry date of Anabol 5 and 10 mg, pls find below our QA dept explain how the process was done.

First, when we registered the drug with FDA, they allow us to claim tentative shelf life for 2 years. If the company want to specify more shelf life, we have to do long term stability test for the period of required shelf life and sent for approving with thai FDA.

After the process of approved, we can specify this expiry date on the label of products.

As Anabol 5 was produced and registered for more than 5 years and we have been approved for its results of 4 years long term stability study, so we can claim 4 years expiry date on the label.

But Anabol 10 was registered since 11/2006 and the stability test was compltely done only 3 years, we have been approved for only 3 years stability study, so we can claim on the label only 3 years.

We asssume that we can claim 4 years shelf life for Anabol 10 in the future after more stability study is approved.

Hope this will meet your requirement.

Best regards,