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05-14-2011, 10:40 PM
Saw this recipe on another site.Thought it would be good to bring over.


Remember this is illegal and is only on here for informational purposes.


10cc Syringes or 60cc if you are converting ALOT
18g Pins
FILTERS (Whatman or Millipore) .45u and .20u
Beakers (150ml will do)
Benzoyl Benzoate
Benzoyl Alcohol
Ethyl Oleate
Grapeseed/Cottonseed/Safflower Oil
Sterile Sealed Vials (or Crimpers and open vials if your lucky)
Straws/Hammer or Mortar and Pedastal

When I convert 2 finaplix-h cart crushing the pellets and adding them to the soultion of .8ml BA 1.2ml BB they disolve very nicely.
Im using a 50/50 mix of GSO and EO

If using Just GSO bump the BB content up to 2.2ml
Drop oil content to 33ml.

Very quickly here it is:

1) Crush Pellets in a Straw place in a beaker (Recommend buying a beaker)

2) Add BA/BB to crushed pellets and let sit for a few hours. (VERY IMPORTANT)

3) Heat 34ml Oil in a sperate beaker.
Keep a seperate 3mls to flush whatman later (whatman filter will still have a few mls a tren still in it).

4) Add Hot oil to solvent mixture....LET STAND OVERNITE (allows for the binders/glues to settle)

5) Carefully draw up seperated oil (leaving the gunk)
This stuff will clog filter...be carefull

6) Attach .45u Whatman and filter/transfer to sterile vials.

7) Flush whatman with the saved 3ml of oil.

8) *******OPTIONAL***************
I like to run my tren through a filter a second time using a .22u Whatman. (of course you will need to have 3ml of oil to flush again if you go this far)

You will have 20ml at approx 100mgs/ml



05-14-2011, 10:58 PM
heres another one:


Commonly people will dissolve their pellets in BA/BB, pour through a coffee filter, add oil and run through a whatman 22um syringe filter into a sterile vial. This will work but in my opinion the result is not as clean and pure as the crystal fina method. Also it is hard to determine the final potency of your tren unless you weigh the powder first.

2g fina
1 bottle HEET.
2 jars 1 small (40-70 ml) 1 large (300-500) with tight caps.
Coffee filters
1gal distilled water (keep it cold in the fridge)
1 empty 1gal water jug.
A cottage cheese or similar container, cleaned thoroughly with a small pinhole in the center so water will drip slowly through. (Test for efficiency before using)
A 3-5ml syringe and a bigger one, like 30+

Empty 1cart FINA into the small jar.
Use something to crush the pellets (I used the flat butt end of a spoon) *You could also use a mortar and pestle but you will lose less if you crush them in the container your going to dissolve them in.

Add 20ml or so Methanol, cap and swirl around. The better you have crushed the pellets the faster it will dissolve. If you have a watertight container then you can shake it but be certain its watertight beforehand or you will be very disappointed when your fina splashes all over.

Put the coffee filter into the funnel and trim it so that the top of the filter is shorter than the top of the funnel. Put the funnel into the top of the larger bottle.

Using the cap from the bottle of HEET (you can use whatever is available) pour a bit of methanol onto the filter so that is it wet.

Swirl your methanol/fina solution around a bit and then pour through the filter.
Add another ml or 2 to the empty vial swirl it around and pour through filter. Do this a couple times to get all the fina out of the bottle. Cover the funnel with saran wrap or something to prevent methanol evaporation.

Using a syringe spray a few ml methanol in a circular motion from the outside of the filter into the center to wash the filtrate into the center and to ensure you got everything through. It may take a few times.

Throw the filter away this is the crap we are trying to get rid of.
Keep the fluid.

Place the cottage cheese container on top of the bottle and fill with 200ml cold distilled water. After your 200ml has been added drop wise let the fluid sit for about 2 hours.

Place your funnel into the mouth of an empty 1gal water jug.
Add another coffee filter and pour the crystals through. *(Save the fluid you filter for now. If your final batch weight is very low, like 1 gram, it’s possible there is some fina left uncrystallized. Since you have already added more water, it will have started to crystallize in the big jug. Refilter it and dry it. Add this to your final powder before making an injectable.)

Rinse with at least 1/5 gallon distilled water. I use a spray bottle.

Remove the filter and set it out to dry for 12 -24 hours or until totally dry.

Scrape the dry powder into another small vial and weigh.

Now we are ready to make an Injectable.

You have weighed your powder so you can adjust your calculations accordingly.
Go here http://absinth.greatnow.com/calcpowder2.html

Set oil according to how much your powder weighs. Multiply powder weight x10. So if it weighs 1.9g, oil in ml will be 19ml.

100 for the dosage mg

Leave powder weight alone.

BA 2%

BB 10%

Combine all ingredients into small bottle.
Heat in a warm water bath to dissolve crystals and lower viscosity.
Using a new 10-20ml syringe with an 18g needle draw the tren.
Attach a 22um syringe filter and filter into a new sterile 20ml or larger vial. Vent with a 25g needle. Be careful not to put it too deep into the vial or your tren will spill out.

Roughly 2ml will remain in the filter, you will need to, using another 3-5ml syringe attached to the filter run an additional 2ml oil through to flush all your tren out.

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Awesome.Thanks for the recipe PW.

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i can post more if youd like, i can get any recipe you could possibly want. i just replied to this one before i saw the others u posted