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Dutch Tank
06-03-2010, 02:26 PM

I know it isn't a very popular product.. Nor pleasant too use.. But I can't help being curious about it..

I would like to use this for fat burning purposes only.. I have some fat under my nipples that I want to get rid off.. Ofcourse my hips may lose some fat as well..

Are there guys here with expirience?

Is it worth the pain and shitting sessions? Remember I will be using it subq only..

Also.. What about muscle contractions? Especially the hart muscle.. If I inject in the chest subq..

Little background info:
I'm currently on:
1000mg test/w
100mcg T3/d
4iu HGH 5/7 started this 10weeks ago for the first time..
Sometimes ECAY stack but not if I start PGF2a.. Because of the NSAID aspirine..

I know in combination with AAS the pain can be worse.. Any experience with that? Or is that only with IM injections..

23years old
1.90m 6.2ft
110kg 242.5lbs

Sorry for spelling faults.. I'm Dutch..