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05-09-2011, 06:15 PM
Pramipexole and prolactin suppression: prevention vs. treatment dosing

first, its important to note that high end dosing is NOT for prolactin suppression. High end dosing (over 1mg) also requires a lot of patience and adaptation as well as generally a VERY slow progression in dose. Have noticed many people trying high end dosing when they DO NOT NEED it for the purposes they are using it for.

Prolactin suppression using Pramipexole

For Prevention: when you are taking something that can cause prolactin issues or when you just want to lower prolactin, for the benefits of lowering prolactin.

0.125 (1/8) to 0.5mg (1/2) per day should generally be sufficient for most users. With prevention slow escalation should not be an issue

For Treatment: When you have ongoing prolactin issues, Gynecomastia flare, or are attempting to regress gynecomastia tissues (ductal, lobular and central gland mass).

0.375 up (3/8) to 1mg should generally be sufficient for most users. Most people will not need over 0.5mg. If you do, then SLOWLY escalate the dose. You still should start at 0.25mg and slowly work up. see bottom for exceptions

doses should be taken in the evening, 2-4 hours prior to bed. For the very low doses, an hour is probably fine. if it keeps you up, take it earlier. If it makes you sleepy "too soon" then take closer to bed. a good number of people will notice niether. taking with last meal of the day may be ideal for a lot of people.

Now for you people that want high end dosing benefits, which are not prolactin suppression. This is a lot more complex, and generally requires a VERY slow progression in dosing to acheive. Clinicals increased the dose by 0.125 every 3-5 days. there will typicallly be side effects for people at various point along the progression. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BE AWARE OF THESE BEFORE YOU LAUNCH INTO HIGH END DOSING.


for those that do not have dopaminergic sides, other than "waking up from sleep"-- which is caused by the drop in pramipexole in the plasma and the subsequent surge of dopamine release from the tissues in which they were suppressed, JUMPING the dose up more quickly will generally alleviate this. this is for those for whom interupted sleep is the primary and pretty much only side effect. this applies to treatment and high end dosing (at least until sleep interution abates).

keep in mind that these are guidelines, they are in point of fact, very generalized guidelines. They may also change, if other users find significant differences at and between dose points and response rates.

Not everyone will fit tight within the parameters listed above. But most people will fall within those bounds and most people will fall toward the middle or bottom end of each dosing spectrum.

Treatment of existing gyno will vary more, with a decent # of people leaning toward the upper end of that range, perhaps even slightly higher.

What is important is that people adjust dosing according to their own response. If its too strong, causing too many sides, or whatever..... CUT BACK THE DOSE.... ride it out at that lower dose and then slowly try to increase again. That is of course if you even need to. People go a bit overboard in trying to get the max dose, to "be sure". this is fine, but if they do that they need to not complain about the sides (sure you should ask about and discuss them, but you should also be aware that usually issues arise from escalation to fast... if you escalate too fast... you should mentioned that when asking questions or making comments. Pramipexole is an innocent . he/she is just here to help you, maybe he/she is annoying at times of "overexposure" and maybe you need to dial back the time you spend with pramipexole (ie dosage). But dont take it out on pramipexole, because its really the parameters of the individuals relationship with pramipexole that need to be fixed, not the prami. He/she is good.

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Great report F.I.S.T would you recommend this over Caber

05-13-2011, 11:31 AM
Great report F.I.S.T would you recommend this over Caber

To be honest brother,ive never had to use caber so I cant really say which is better.Hopefully someone whos tried them both can give some feedback.