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03-15-2011, 02:57 PM
I'm on my 3rd week of my cycle. I'm using test euth 1ml sunday 1ml thursday. Not stacking with anything else. What I'm finding is I've gained about 10lbs in the first two weeks. Figure it's mostly water. What is concerning me is I feel dizzy and weird all the time. When I'm hitting the gym sometimes I feel like I'm gonna pass out and have to back off a bit. For instance, yesterday I was hitting back and bis and my arms got so pumped I had to stop lifting because every rep made me dizzy and shit. I don't know if it's the test doing this or the water gain. I've just felt weird since I started this. Anyone else have issue like that?

03-15-2011, 02:59 PM
test enth not euth. i can't spell for shit.

03-15-2011, 03:20 PM
im not an expert like most of the guys on here but maybe try drinking more water? how much are you drink on a normal day at the moment? sometime i'll feel a bit dizzy and faint ect if im a bit dehydrated (<- not sure if thats spelled right :/).

03-15-2011, 03:54 PM
How's your diet look?

03-15-2011, 04:59 PM
I'm eating about 4 times a day. Big breakfast (9 eggs/w only 4 yoke, big glass OJ 2 pieces wheat toast), snack before workout (2 cups yogurt, bananna) and after workout (protein shake, bar) and a big dinner (lots of chicken, turkey breast, 2-3 helpings of veggies). I drink water pretty much all day and I'm also retaining a shitload (bloat). I sleep around 8-9 hours a night and I rarely drink alcohol and if I do it's like Bud 55 or something low carb/cal. It's just weird. I will walk around all day in a haze and I feel anxious a lot.

03-15-2011, 05:39 PM
I just picked up some proviron and amiridex from naps gear to control this bloating. I'll have to deal with it until it arrives. Wasn't sure which was best so I just got both.