View Full Version : Things you want to know about androl 50

02-09-2011, 03:06 AM
Androl, is a oral drug 50mg per tab. It is the strongest on the market. It is both high in the anobolic and androgenic effects. Strength and weight gain is the best. Highly toxic to the liver and aromatizes easly. Side effects include, water retention, hair loss,acne, abdominal pains, headaches, bitch tits,hypertension. You lose weight quickly after cycle and strength. Completely shuts down testosterone production.

androl does not bind well to the androgen receptors and most of the aanabolism it provides isvia non-androgenic receptor-mediated effects, so it's better to stack with anabolic steroids like deca, primobolan. Not many know this. It seems to have the same effects as dball. but unlike dball it appears that androl is progestagenic. anti estrogen is hightly recomended, but even with the presents of high dose antiestrogens, strongly suggesting that the effect is not estrogenic. That effect can be reduced by concurrent use of winstrol, which is anti-progestagenic. This progestageniceffect of androl is only a concern when using aromatizing steroids. with aandrogens such as primobolan, anavar stacks very nicely and is a frendly drug. In contrast, with testosterone, it is a very harsh drug.

Because anvar is so stressful to the liver, cycles should range from 4-6 weeks and then taken a break equal the cycle.. Im sure you all read stories that it puts on 40 pounds or more. I have not talked to one person that has gained that much, nor have I. You will gain 10-15 pounds all fluid. First timers should use from 50-100mg per day and break it upthrough out the day. NOT A DOCTOR SO THIS IS NOT WRITTEN IN GOLD