View Full Version : Stack of five? Recomp? Why not right?

04-21-2016, 05:22 AM
Just started today. Running test cyp, tren e, and andromix. Looking to do a little recomp. 8 weeks. Shots on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Using the longer ester test and tren to keep blood levels stable while only having to pin 3 times a week.

Monday: 1.5cc andromix, .5cc tren e, .5cc test c.
75mg tren a, 75mg test prop, 75mg mast, 100mg tren e, 62.5 test cyp.

Wednesday: 1.5cc andromix, 1cc test cyp
75mg tren a, 75mg test prop, 75mg mast, 125mg test cyp

Friday: same as monday.

This gives a weekly total of:
725test (225 prop, 500cyp)
425 tren (225 ace, 200 enathate)
225 masteron

Goal is to eat super clean. 2500-3200 calories a day. 3-5 days a week fasted morning cardio. 6 days a week training split.

04-22-2016, 05:53 AM
First shot went well. No PIP at all. Thinking the longer esters really helped out with that. It's day two and I've noticed nothing different. Tomorrow is Friday and I'll be taking my shot before work or on my lunch. Let's see if the second pin makes a difference.
Oh, and I had already been on 500mg/wk test enathate for three weeks before starting this.

04-23-2016, 05:10 AM
Second shot went just as good as the first. This one I could feel right ways though. Got the sweats a couple times today. Trained legs, didn't quite have that "tren aggression" but was very focused. Delts and traps are responding very well to something, they both look bigger and harder. No PIP. Just a good rush and lots of energy. Also took 150mcg of cjc-1295 with DAC. Usually this makes me tired but didn't even notice it today.

04-26-2016, 08:56 PM
I have to ask why did you choose to run a combo of short and long chains together? To me it just seems redundant when you could have just ran one or the other or a Sustanon/Tri Tren combo. Both Sus and Tri tren have short med and long esters and at 1cc m,w,f would equal what your using now. You wouldn't get the big burst from the short esters but it's close. The cost of this is probably why I ask not being a D just curious if you considered the sus/tri tren combo instead. I've used it before a couple times and I love it.

04-27-2016, 10:05 PM
Thanks for the heads up, I've never thought about it cause I've never done sus. Honestly, I had five bottles the andro mix that I had gotten in a half off, product of the week special, I had some tren e, 2 bottles, left over from an unsuccessful ten cycle (found out that I just turn into a huge ass if I run my tren higher than my test) and was wondering how I could use em all up and get the most out of them. I didnt really have the funds to buy anything new so I started looking into recomps and thought, why don't I try using the longer esters to keep blood levels more stable while getting the most I can out of the andro mix I have.
You didn't come across as a dick at all and I appreciate the heads up on the sust/tri tren combo. Sounds like a good one. I'm enjoying the short esters as I don't really have any experience with them, and enjoying that I'm only pinning 3x a week.

So far I couldn't ask for more with the results I'm getting. My leaner areas are showing separations and good cuts, my strength is very good, especially considering my low calories, my wife said even my face is looking leaner. Don't know how much of this is the masteron as this is my first time trying it. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this does over 8 weeks.
Sides are very minimal. Aggression is up, but easy to keep in check outside of the gym. Night sweats are there. But that's it. 100% difference running test higher than tren for me. I'm loving this.

04-28-2016, 12:06 AM
Oh the night sweats! I thought something was wrong with me the first time that happened to me lol! It totally makes sense now. Yeah I was like why would somebody spend that much cash on short and longs. I could see doing the andro for like a week or two till the longs kicked in but thats still not as efficient. Geneza makes a sus with 20mg of acetate extra added so its at 270 and I have used the vermodge(sp) tri tren and sus didn't know geneza was the favorite on naps but I found it to be smooth but I had to stop the tren cuz my prolactin was kicking my ass and i had no caber(it's on the way). Short version is I'm a recent convert to naps my old supplier's last gear order gave me horrible pip, swelling couldn't walk it was that bad and I felt it was underdosed so I shut it down when I found naps. So I'm finishing up with a weird patched together cycle of sus/npp/winny(oil based) for 3 to save gains and cut up with sus/mast/var(oil based) for 5 weeks. I'm gonna do a cruise with test cyp for a couple months then do a bomb 15 or 20 wk cycle with Geneza Test E or Sus (sales) Deca, my leftover tri tren and if I respond well to the winny oil, mast, var I'll add that in as well. I want to try some anadrol injecible but that shit kinda scares me lol.

05-03-2016, 01:55 AM
Almost two weeks in. Everything is going great. The scale says two pounds down, but my pants are fitting looser and you can deffinetly see a difference in my face. Thought I was gunna travel last week and ended up not, so dosages were upped but will bring them back to stated numbers this week. Ended up at 1g test, 525 tren, 225 mast last week.
Feeling great, strength is great, crushing my work outs. So I'm going to drop my calories and go on a fixed meal plan for the next six weeks. Just under 2300 calories a day. This is gunna be a big deficit, but I wanna see if I can go this low and not lose muscle with the tren and mast. Hoping to see the scale start dropping but not lose size.
Will keep ya posted.

05-16-2016, 04:37 AM
Everything's going great! Lean muscle gains. Lower body fat. Visible changes everywhere but my midsection. Loving it! Bad news is my trt doctors office got ahold of me wanting to do lab work. So I've got to jump off and clean up in three weeks. That was as long as I could push it out for. So I'll be cruising 150mg test for the next month. Then thinking I'm going to do a bulk....cause dieting sucks!