View Full Version : Lean Mass Cycle Log

09-03-2015, 04:48 PM
Hey guys,
looking to do a full cycle log on my first cycle here coming up.
i want to include before/after pics, and weekly pictures showing my progress as well.
Im 23, 5'11, currently 190-195, and idk maybe 12-14% bf
i attached 2 photos of what i currently look like.
the 10 week cycle i plan on running is :

1-10 500mgs test e EW
1-4 tbol 50mgs ED
6-12 oral winny 50 mgs ED
1-12 aromasin 12.5mgs EOD
5-12 1000ius HCG EW
12-16 20mgs nolva ED
12-16 150/100/50mgs clomid ED

my goal is to put on some lean muscle in the beginning and then try to cut some BF in the last weeks of the cycle.
if anything looks wrong or have better advice for my cycle please let me know!!

09-16-2015, 10:34 AM
Just carry on w u th aromasin in PCT and u don't have to use Nolvadex I hate Nolvadex ruins my sex drive/abilities on pct.looks good accept pick a gaol cut or gain lean are the only 2 smart choices if I were u ide cut and drop test down to about 300mgs test week. Good luck