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08-18-2015, 12:51 AM
Knockouts of the Day: Check Out This Pair of Off-the-Cage Superman Punches

If any MMA movie ever is to be believed, the Superman Punch is not only the defining strike of our fine sport, but one that is both attempted and landed with 100% percent accuracy, be it in a sparring match, street fight, professional contest, or otherwise. Here’s Krzysztof Soszynski landing one in the Tapped Out trailer (with a sweet, MTV Cribs-style triple take to emphasize its awesomeness). Here’s, um, Krzysztof Soszynski landing one in the Here Comes the Boom trailer. It’s the first punch thrown in the Never Back Down trailer, and it’s thrown at literally the exact same moment (53 seconds in, by Heath Herring and Forrest Griffin, respectively) in the trailers for Never Surrender and Unrivaled.

It’s not hard to see why the Hollywood community has become so enamored with the Superman Punch — it’s an inherently dramatic technique that can be absolutely devastating when executed properly, and when combined with the cage-jumping antics of an Anthony Pettis? It’s enough to make Hector Echevarria cream his jock strap.

Case in point: the above gif of 6-2 Nick Laney landing a hellacious, off-the cage Superman Punch on Sebastian Kozok at Battlezone FC 8. Although the fight took place back in 2013, the incredible finish has only recently begun to make waves after popping up on reddit MMA this morning.

After the jump: A video of Laney’s incredible KO, and footage from another superb Superman punch that happened just last weekend.

https://youtu.be/FPkeP9MsU6E (https://egred.com/?https://youtu.be/FPkeP9MsU6E)

You see, what Kozok should have done there is *not* allowed his opponent to make an absolute embarrassment out of him in landing that punch. A rookie mistake, indeed.

Anyways, in more recent MMA-moves-named-after-comic-book-superheroes news, check out this video of 2-3 ammy Simon Loughlin landing a similar off-the-cage Superman on Ernest Asham at Akuma Fighting Championship 6 last weekend.

https://youtu.be/QNBG0hakseU (https://egred.com/?https://youtu.be/QNBG0hakseU)

Again, the key mistake here was that Asham should have tried harder to not get dropped by such a melodramatic maneuver, or at least stayed conscious while eating those follow up punches. It’s like I tell all the students at my dojo: MMA is 90 percent mental, so simply staying awake for the entirety of the fight increases your chances of victory exponentially.