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First off A/S is medication that contains synthetically made form of hormone testosterone or should i say a close compound that is made from a simliar in structure and action to this hormone. in order for anyone to understand how A/S work, you must understand the functioning of testosterone. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. It is made in the Leydig's cells in the testes at different amounts in a person life time. This hormone become noticabled during puberty when a large amount of testosterone is released. As we all know it creates a dramtic physiological changes in the body. example, deepened of voice, facial hair, increase oil out put through your pours, sexual organs began to become active, maturation of sperm and increase libido. If test levels are low the male reproductive would not function propertly. We call the effects the masculinizing or androgenic properties of this hormone.

Increased testosterone will cause growth promoting or anbolic changes in the body. Which includes enhanced rate of protein synthesis (leading to muscle accumulation). Due to the test levels male carry more muscle than woman. remember the dominant hormone for woman is estrogen. Even though they have both like men. In women the estrogen out weights the testosterone. so if you see a woman with a beard, becareful. (something is wrong). The down side of that for women is the high estrogen levels leave them open to storing more fat, prevent from holding more muscle, and short stature and open more to bone weakness with age (osteoporosis). So that is why guys PCT is important for you. I found through blood work, arimidex works great.

I will try and explain the complex action of testosterone. When free in the blood stream the testoserone molecule is available to interact with various cells. This includes skeeletal muscle cells, as well as skin, scalp, kidney, bone abd the central nervous system, and prostate tissues, (see how these organs can be effected). testosterone binds with a cellular target in order to exert its activity, and will only effect those cells that posses the proper hormone receptor (lock) only being activated by a particular type of hormone (key). During this interaction, the testosterone molecule will become bound to intracellular receptor site, forming a new receptor complex. This complex (hormone +recptor site) will then move to the cell's nucleus, where it will attach to a specific genes, in the case of skeletal muscle cellwill ultimately cause increase in the synthesis of the two primary contractile proteins, actin and myosin, (as I explain actin and myosin in another thread). carbohydrate storage in muscle may be increased due to androgen action.
Once this ios completed , the complex will be released, and the receptor and hormone will disasssocate. Both are then free to migrate back into the cytosol for futher activity. the testosterone is free to diffuse back into circulation to interact with other cells. This entire cycle including hormone binding , receptor-hormoned complex migration, gene transcription abd subsequent return to cytosol is slow process taking hours before free androgen receptors migrate back to the cytosol after activation. It is said that a single shot of nandrolone it takes 4-6 hours .

In the kidneys, the same process works to allow androgens to augment erythropoiesis (red blood cel production) this effects is why the red blood cells are increased and possible oxgen transport capacity, during the anabolic and androgenic steroid therapy. many users beleive that oxymetholone and boldenone are unique in this ability. Stimulation of erythropoiesis occurs with almost all A/S/androgenic, because this effect is tied with activation of the androgen receptors in kidney cells.

Adipose (fat) tissues are also androgen responsive and here these hormones support the lipolytic capacity of cells. Also so keep in mind that as the level of andogendrops the depostion of body fat will increase. If you increase the androgen rises the level of body fat decreases. So keep in mind if you want to lose body fat while during a sterod cycle you must keep estrogen levels low. In closing: I AM NOT A DOCTOR, ENGLISH TEACHER, NOR DO I KNOW OF ANY INVESTIGATION GOING OR ON GOING. I AM NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT. THESE ARE JUST MY THOUGHTS. TO GET THE BEST ANSWERS SEEK MEDICAL DOCTOR OR TRIAL AND ERROR. NO ONE PERSON BODY ADAPTS THE SAME TO A/s. I WROTE THIS TO GIVE YOU A BASE LINE. YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN FOOT WORK

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