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06-29-2015, 01:20 AM
Hey everyone, I'm 44 5' 10" 200lbs with mid 20's bf% I'm guessing. I've worked out on and off through out my life. Been about 2 years since I was hitting the gym regular.

Doing my first cycle ever in a couple weeks. I'm doing the beginners bulk cycle on naps.

Cycle Length and layout:
Length 10 weeks
Weeks 1-4 GP Methan10 40 mg per day
Weeks 1-10 500mg GP Test Cyp per week
Weeks 1-10 GP Anastrozole .5 mg per day (continue to run this for 10 days after cycle)

I bought some clomid also.

I want to do a second cycle but I'm not sure if I need to run a pct or bridge to the next cycle. What is the purpose of stopping and doing a pct? I read about guys that run a low dose of test after a cycle. That seems to be the way to go. Any feedback on this topic would be appreciated.

2nd cycle

Cycle Layout:
Weeks 1-10 500 mg GP Test Enanth 250 per week.
Weeks 1-10 250 mg GP Deca250 per week
Weeks 1-6 40 mg GP Methan 10 per day
Weeks 1-10 .5 mg GP Anastrozole per day (continued for 10 days after cycle)

06-29-2015, 04:16 PM
Your first cycle do it properly....
3 months on
Pct and 3 months off...
To see how you react and recover from the steroids....
You should come off steroids some time... The longer you are on the harder to recover....