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01-16-2011, 07:41 AM
I dont know where i would post this but i just wanted to know what you guys use for acne, And also does anyone get acne while on a cycle?

01-16-2011, 09:19 AM
i posted this up yesterday. hope it helps...

acne is something that has been an issue for me, on and off, since i was a teenager. when i go on cycle, it can creep up and cause issues to this day. over time and expermenting, here are some of the things i've learned. hormone flux is a major cause for AAS using athletes. often times, coming off of AAS is when the breakout gets it's worst. keeping hormones as stable as possible will help to keep acne under control. i've found that when using mast., i am likely to break out on an EOD schedule, but if i tak ethe same dose, but split into ED, i stay clear. acne itself is an infection of the skin, so keeping the skin clean is the most important part of the plan. doing so may be enough in itself to keep you clear. the best soap i've found is dial anti-bacterial bar soap. the regular orangeish-yellow bar. that has made a big differenc for me. keep your pillow cases and sheets clean. i change my sheets about every other day. if acne isn't bad, tanning in a tanning bed helps to dry the skin out and reduce acne, but if you have a bad break out, the sun or tanning bed can lead to more scarring. outside of antibacterial soap, OTC topical agents have not helped me much. the next step is to visit your Derm. they can perscribe you an anti-b. if you have the acne analyzed, they can match the right anti-b to kill your injection. if not, it is a trail and error. they will try a number of anti-b's over months to find something that works. the problem with an anti-b is, even if you find a good one, eventually it won't work as well and you'll have to come off of it. also, be aware some some anti-b's used for acne can interfere with protein uptake. i've found bactrim works well for me when i get an acne infection. if nothing works up to this point, you MD will usually move on to accutane. it works, no question. it may even cure the problem, but it can be harsh on your organs and doesn't go well with oral AAS.i have used it in the past and it worked well but was hard to deal with. i am currently using retin-a 1%(strongest they make). it is a topic retinoid, which works somewhat like accutane but doesn;t cause the same level of side effects due to the fact it is a topical.

01-16-2011, 11:45 PM
thank you sam

01-17-2011, 04:30 AM
i also get a little acne but not when im juicing. i guess since im so on top of it. every time i inject i take extra alcohol pads and clean my face then use benzoyl peroxide 10%. and every shower i use apricot face scrub on my face and back and use the benzoyl again. and take multi vitamins with biotin for the skin and hair. well thats what works for me. then when im finished with the juicing i wont pay it much mind and get acne but not too much. every ones case is dif.