View Full Version : Alexander Emelianenko Sentenced to 4.5 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault

05-21-2015, 12:07 AM
Alexander Emelianenko Sentenced to 4.5 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault

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Perhaps it’s appropriate that last weekend’s Game of Thrones episode stirred up such a controversy for its disturbing ending, because today, MMA’s answer to Ramsay Bolton (discounting Joe Son, Hermes Franca, War Machine, etc.) has finally been brought to justice.

I’m talking about Alexander Emelianenko, of course, the beastly, abhorrent brother of Fedor who has been terrorizing Russia over the past few years with crimes including assault on a senior citizen, assault on a group of hecklers, theft, assault, hooliganism, assault, and also theft. Most recently, Emelianenko found himself facing sexual assault charges after allegedly drugging a 27-year old woman and “extorting her for sexual favors.” If convicted, Emelianenko was looking at a maximum of 6 years behind Russian bars, which is equivalent to approximately 28,000 years American.

According to RapsiNews, Emelianenko was convicted of sexual assault by a jury of his peers earlier this morning, and will now face 4 and a half years in prison.

Details after the jump.

MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced by Moscow’s Simonovsky District Court to 4.5 years in jail, RAPSI reported from the courtroom.

The court also imposed a 50,000-ruble fine ($1,000) on Emelianenko.

According to investigators, Emelianenko assaulted and raped 27-year-old Polina Stepanova, his housekeeper, on the night of March 2, 2014, and then seized her passport. The trial was held behind closed doors.

So I guess this means that the honeymoon’s over, then?

There’s not much else to say about Emelianenko’s latest atrocity, really, other than 4.5 years seems like far too polite a punishment for it. Then again, this photo taken from Alek’s trial seems to indicate that he is morphing into a pre-Gollum Andy Serkis…

…so perhaps another half-decade spent ogling over “his precious” behind bars will do him in for good.

So on behalf of the Potato Nation, the MMA Nation, the Zulu Nation, and the Nation of Humankind, let’s all bid Alex adieu. May these next 4 years be an absolutely unbearable series of tribulations that breaks (whatever’s left of) his spirit and will to live before casting him into the neverending darkness and despair of the special place in hell that’s reserved for rapists and thieves of his like.