View Full Version : What is stacking and why stack ?

01-13-2011, 03:25 AM
It is normal for athletes to take more than one A/S per cycle. When one takes more than one A/S he is attempting to enhance the muscle mass gained during the stacking cycle. This stacking can be very effective, but set your goals and beware of all side effects that come along with stacking before starting. So say if you want to gain mass, you may want to go with two powerful androgens, testosterone and androl would be a very potent combo. Remember with this there could be very rough side effects and this stacking would not be good for newbites or experience users. In this case you could stack a milder anabolic with a base androgen. Deca and D-bol would yield good results , with less side effects. But keep in mind, don't go doing (5 x10mg D-bol), if androl 50 is a problem.

Another thought non-aromatizable anabolics is great for cutting /dieting phases of training. This is because of the lack of estrogen conversionand less water retention and induced fat. Even these can still surpress endogenous testosterone production. These drugs may not give the body enough androgen content to compensate for this lost. This stack can sometimes interfere with aggression and libido, (deca is noted for this). Some call it Deca D _ ck. A user can become depressed with no motivation. So for that reason it is good to include some type of androgen. especially if you experienced these problems before. I may pick a non- aromatizing androgrenic like halotestin, tren, proviorn, these would not increase fat or water. You figture with the absence of extra estrogen, and the higher androgenl level can increase the removal of body fat, and increase hardness and density. But bare in mind the users fat % must be low as well. If these are not available, try a very low weekly dose of testosterone which may ward off any problems.
With all I said above it is not necessary to take more than one A/S. You may hear the word Synergy, meaning two or more a/s. It is said the the two different a/S will amplify each other and therefore increase muscle gains. Many said that combos work better. I do beleive this to be true with the right combo. But don't let this take away the fact that using one a/s will work well along. newbites will grow on just a D-bol, androl-50 or test cycle only. These are just my thoughts, experiences and studying has taught me. I beleive that if u are in the game for a while it would be good to try different things to see what works. Check-ups and blood works are always good.

01-13-2011, 07:04 PM
I agree with your train of thought!! I ran 2 straight years of only Test at a med to moderately high level and experienced great gains without adding anything. The reason for stacking for me was to try and achieve that synergy that you spoke of hoping to push the growth to the next level. The key being to know which AAS work in sync with each other to get what your after thats the key to continued growth and the problem. Know what works best together and at what dosage. Everyone reacts in a different manner so what works for you might not work for me and vise versa. Find out what doseages work best for body and go from there