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02-07-2015, 09:10 PM
Hi all,

I decided to research my %#$ off and do my first ever AAS cycle after 25 years of training. I'm actually in week 9 of a 16 week cycle so I thought I'd post my stack, progress, sides and anything that might be useful. This forum has been extremely useful/educational for me so hoping to pay it forward with some experiential feedback... and of course, any commentary is absolutely welcome!

Starting stats: 5'10", 238lbs, ~25% BF, arms 19.5", quads 27", neck 17", waist 41".

My cycle "plan" on day 1 looked like this:

8 weeks priming - CKD (cyclic ketogenic diet leading up to cycle start)

Peptides throughout cycle:
HCG 5 IU ED (5on / 2 off - split twice daily)
GHRP/GRF(mod) 300mcg ED (split three times daily)
(at least 20 minutes between HGH and GHRP/GRF pins and no food 1.5 hours prior and .5 hours after

W1 - W14: .25 mg Ari EOD
W1 - W6: 50mg Dbol ED split 25mg morning / 25mg late afternoon.
W1 - W14: 800mg Test E PW (split 400/400 Tues/Fri)
W1 - W12: 600mg Deca PW (split 300/300 Tues/Fri)
W10 - W16: 100mg Proviron ED
W3 - W14: 250 IU HCG E4D

W17 - W18 .5mg Ari EOD
W17 - W20 75mg -> 25mg Clomid ED (ramp down over 4 weeks)
W17 - W18 20mcg -> 100mcg Clen ED (ramp up over 2 weeks)

I used MyFitnessPal to track calories and started at 3500 a day with a protein/carb/fat distro of 35/35/30.

Within 4 weeks my weight shot up to 260lbs. I definitely started retaining more water and felt my estrogen levels might be too high so I upped my arimidex to .5 EOD.

Around Week 3-4 I started experiencing the dreaded "test flu" symptoms roughly 1.5 days after each injection and they would last for about 24-36 hours. It included insomnia, whole body pains, shivers and tremendous lethargy. I slept at every opportunity. Those steadily subsided eventually.

Week 5 I started seeing more shoulder, back and chest acne and my strength was definitely steadily on the rise. At this point my weight was fairly constant pivoting around 260-263lbs.

At the end of week 5, just prior to a round of test/deca shots, I went for a blood test. The results were interesting:
FSH, Leutenizing hormone --> were negligible, a clear sign that I was already shutdown.

Testosterone, Serum 7690 (normal 348 - 1197 ng/dL)
Estradiol 221.3 (normal 7.6 - 42.6 pg/mL)

Good test count but my estrogen was through the roof. I immediately upped my arimidex to 1mg EOD and then something interesting happened my weight dropped to 253lbs and stayed there for the next 3 weeks. I also moved my HCG from E4D to E3D.

I started playing with my diet, first increasing it to 3700 calories/day and kept that for about 2 weeks -- no change to my weight although my strength continued to increase. I then moved it up to 4200/day W7 and have maintained that calorie count now as I enter W9. My current weight is 256lbs.

Ran another blood test, again fasting 12 hours and taking it on the day of my shots -- just prior to pinning:

Testosterone, Serum 8140 (normal 348 - 1197 ng/dL)
Estradiol 94.7 (normal 7.6 - 42.6 pg/mL)

Looks like testosterone is even higher and I'm way more comfortable with this estrogen level.

I got hit with an actual virus though that's messed me up for about a week but I've been working through it, eating best I can, not missing workouts and trying to get sleep wherever and whenever possible!

Enter week 9....

I'm "okay" with my progress and recovering from being sick. I decided to try shaking things up a little by making a slight change to my plan:
- reduce deca from 600 to 400 pw
- add tren e at 400 mg pw
- keep test e the same at 800 pw
- add two more weeks to cycle to get a full 8 more weeks running the test e/deca/tren e
- going to put an order in for some caber and watch for progestin effects.
- someone also suggested I look at getting some letro although seems like I've got my estrogen under control with the ari.

I hope I'm not being too crazy with this plan. I do plan to be careful and continue to monitor my stats. My sex drive spiked tremendously by week 5 and now it's back to normal.

Overall, my size gains are very obvious to me and everyone around. I've added over an inch to my arms, legs, neck, calves and unfortunately 2 inches to my waist :) I've reached a max flat BB bench of 405lbs and felt I can do more, hack squats with 6x45 for 6 reps and curling 70lbs DBs for reps. I'll do bent-over BB rows at 315lbs for reps and I got myself some good knee compression sleeves, elbow compression sleeves and wrist wraps to reduce joint stress and risk of injury.

I'm training every body part about once every 6 days with roughly 3-5 exercises x 4 sets for the big body parts and 2-3 exercises x 4 sets for the small ones. I'll throw in drop sets, rest pause, statics and super-sets to spice things up and make sure I nail each muscle hard.

So that's it so far, I'll report back in a few weeks with new developments!

I admit this is pretty aggressive for a first ever steroid cycle and I'm definitely battling some sides continuous (PIP, insomnia, lethargy, muscle restlessness) but I also figured, I've been bodybuilding for 25 years and I'm damn close to my natural limits.

Feedback is welcome guys! Thx.

03-16-2015, 05:12 PM
Enter Week 13...

Tren E effects kicked in about a week ago. I've been feeling stronger and looking fuller in the gym however that has come hand-in-hand with some bad insomnia. So far I've tried melatonin, valarian root and Nyquil... the latter is about the only thing that allows me to get a solid 3-4 hours before waking up again in the middle of the night.

I've maintained my calories @ 4200 with a distro of 368g carbs, 368g protein, 140g fat but my weight increase has been very slow. I'm now at 261 lbs fasted.

Biggest mind f#$% happened today:

I went for another blood test to make sure my estrogen continued decreasing after I further upped my Arimidex to 1mg 6 times a week (originally was 221 pg/mL, then down to 94.7 pg/mL). Well the results were shocking: my estradiol is now a whopping 283.3 pg/mL -- that's 6 and a half times more than it should be!

I either have a bad batch of GP Anastrozole or my stack needs something stronger.

I'm currently on:
800mg Test E PW
400mg Deca PW
400mg Tren E PW
100mg Proviron ED
250 IU HCG E3D

Has anyone else experienced this???

In any case I'm ordering letrozole and caber and in the meantime going to 1mg arimidex every day and plan to go for blood tests bi-weekly through the end of my cycle and PCT.