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01-28-2015, 02:55 AM
I have not ran a cycle since Dec. of 2013 shortly after I came down with symptoms of liver stress and jaundice. Most likely due to years of being an alcoholic & taking OTC cold meds.
In the last year I've been doing very well, no drinking & no cycles. Been taking TUDCA & NAC a lot of the time hoping to get my livers health back.
Have had bloods done last month & everything was great.

So I have these 2 bottles of 4-Andro that I want to run in April to gain some mass without stressing my liver with a Methyl.
Please give me your thoughts and opinions on this whole subject :)

4 Andro cycle

Cycle support 2 scoops ed
NAC 600mg ed
TUDCA 250mg ed
Krill oil 625mg ed
Multi v ed
Also on TRT 300mg every 20 day...I know it's a crappy protocol but it's all I can do with the test for now.

Elimistane AI 1 cap ed for 30days
NAC 600mg ed
TUDCA 250mg ed
Multi v Ed
Cycle support 1 scoop ed
HPTA test booster 4 caps ed
Dermastrength 1/2 mL 2x ed

I know it's not a strong cycle,retesting the waters here.
Thanks for your opinions in advance & sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot?

02-02-2015, 03:32 PM
JM2C Bro but I do Not like Pro-Hormones. They are some wana be chemists (if ur lucky) fucking around with the chemical mix of Real AAS to get around the DEA drug laws.

So who know what u really get, just go with the Real stuff ..........